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Hyluronic acid / PRP treatment



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Aug 14, 2012
I was diagnose April 9th with osteoarthritis and no miniscus in my left knee. After 7-8 years of pain I decided to do something about it. Here we have a HUGE medical community with some of the best facilities and doctors in the world but dealing with these people makes you want to hit someone.

After a lot of not so friendly debates taking my case all the way to the Chief Medical officer of this huge facility, I finally was given an appointment and fair deal. The cash price is reasonable but they insisted on using my insurance because they could charge so much more. However my deductable is $3000 and I would have gotten stuck with the huge fee. Anyway we got that straightened out but quite a few people got their asses chewed. I guess old coaches do have some privaledges, especiallywhen the chief medical officer did my other knee and was the head surgeon where I coached for years.

Anyway the drew some blood and centrafuged it down collecting a off while liquid with the following growth factors:

platelet-derived growth factor
transforming growth factor beta
fibroblast growth factor
insulin-like growth factor 1
insulin-like growth factor 2
vascular endothelial growth factor
epidermal growth factor
Interleukin 8
keratinocyte growth factor
connective tissue growth factor

Obviously my bood was very potent with some of these as I have been doing low dose IGF-1 LR3 injection into the joint for a few weeks now.

So they first injected the PRP into the medial side of the join where the pain is and then injected the hyluronic acid. The needle was very thin and I hardly felt anything. They did use a liquid freeze solution to numb the skin.

I was told to take it easy this weekend and continue activities Monday. Next Friday I have the 2nd of 3 injections. This should relieve the pain in a week or so and be good for up to 6 months. If it works I may be able to avoid knee replacement for 10 years or so and continue with normal activitis pain free.

The best part.....WE DID NOT HAVE TO WEAR A MASK!!!!


Oct 3, 2016
Nice!!!!.....Good to hear that it went your way!!!!...:)



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Dec 18, 2016
I'm real curious about this.If you can keep posting updates about this treatment.I might try this on my other knee.


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Aug 14, 2012
Yes sir! My doctor told me it takes a week to see a difference. Today I work up with less pain and felt more stability. Not great but definitely better. Its been a week. Tomorrow I go for shot #2 and the following week #3. So far I see some difference. Supposedly this will last 6 months.
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