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    Jul 3, 2017
    Hi guys

    I'm lost for once

    I'm only cycle

    Running this

    Test e 750 a week
    Npp 600 a week
    Dbol injection 100mg eod

    Was running arimidex at 0.25 eod and felt bloated so got Bloods done

    At this time my joints were aching struggling to sleep no sex drive no morning wood and had no motivation ....

    E2 came back high which through me out as but signs thought was low

    But my joints have pretty much always sucked

    Anyway I upped the dose to 0.5 and start to feel worse
    Sleep getting worse still no sex drive

    I was loosing appetite so dropped the d bol ...

    Bloated went and felt bit better then dropped the arimidex back to
    0.25 as stopped d bol

    Started feeling really hot and sweaty at night and Itchy and sleep still bad

    Stopped arimidex now thinking I've gone low

    Hoping to rebound and feel better

    Just find it hard to find sweet spot with estrogen.

    See a lot of guys say when high e they get itchy nips , water retention no sex drive

    And when low achy joints no sex drive

    Don't know what way to go now

    Stay off the arimidex and see how I feel in next week or two and then get bloods again?

    Or carry on with 0.25 eod ?

    I took my last arimidex Tuesday And due to take again today but feel I want to hold off to see how I feel ?

    Seem I don't get much water retention or itchy nips ....

    Didn't think a low dose or arimidex would crash me on 750 test

    Unless I'm still high and I get sore joints with high ?

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