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High BP



TID Board Of Directors
Jan 18, 2011
Well over the past few years my bp has crept up. Both on and off. Finally got to the point where I really needed to medicate.
started wirh lisinopril, that didn’t play well with me. Lots of dizziness, then to Hctz, and then most recently HTCZ + losartan.
Day two on this combo and measured 116/78... best reading I’ve had in a long ass time. pretty happy with this.. trying to focus on overall health and longevity these days.

how many of y’all had to go down this road and finally medicate BP? Part of it for me is def genetics but also my weight has yoyo around a bit these past few years, cutting and bulking and then being an injured fat ass during covid.
Lizard King

Lizard King

Staff Member
Sep 9, 2010
Luckily no issues so far and my fathers side of the family always had horrible blood pressure, most likely to the way old school ginnys fried everything, who knows.

Good luck, sounds like this new combo is working, now if it helps you with your gheyness you will be all set.


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Jan 11, 2011
I’m on losartan 50mg Ed. Mine was always 140 and he wanted to bring it down, now I’m 117/80 even while running dbol and drol, high bp makes the kidneys work harder and your insides, so if you can relax them, bigger gains for you! So many people have no clue what they are running bp wise and it’s so bad.


TID Board Of Directors
Nov 29, 2013
Both parents had good genes, but also some bp issues. Don't know how long I've had it but was first diagnosed after I was 40yo, running around 140/90. Been on Irbesartan 150 ever since and hover around 120/70 ever since. First script was a blend with hctz, but my more recent doc didn't like that my blood work always had me (slightly) low on sodium + chloride, even though I abuse table salt, so he dropped the hctz part. There has been no change in my bp, my Na+ or my Cl- since dropping the hctz, lol.


VIP Member
Mar 21, 2017
My doc put me on 50mg Losartan a few years back. About a year ago he upped it to 100mg a day. I check my blood pressure most days while on a cycle (like right now Test Tren DNP Clen T3) and I am borderline high again... I don't believe I'm bloated though I am on DNP, and I have some HCTZ, but I may sneak an extra half Losartan (50mg) and see what that does.

I think my bp is because of age and genetics mostly, though I think they say lifting heavy over a long time can cause hardening too.
The other Snake

The other Snake

VIP Member
Aug 19, 2016
A low dose of Losartan did it for me. I was always borderline with 130-135/ 75. As we age, that systolic is the problem more than the diastolic. My only problem is the drug drops my diastolic down too. Sometimes I come in at 120/60.

There's a lot to be said for controlling your BP by staying lean but when all else fails, these drugs have been time tested and can really extend your laps around the sun.


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Dec 17, 2019
Low dose lisinopril and beta blocker (propranolol). Does the trick, no sides in lower doses. With BPH I also use flomax and cialis, so the combination of everything together keeps me in the low 120's/70's. Watch the HCTZ when you get older. Just had a friend develop acute renal failure, cause was the HCTZ. If using a diuretic, watch your HCT if on HRT or other AAS esp in the Summer. Staying lean is also very important. Just 8 lb of fat bumps me up about 10 mm average mean BP. I find lisinopril helps with the pulse pressure that increases with age. Controlling BP is critical, a co-factor in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and diastolic dysfunction esp when combine with AAS.