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Haven't Been to gym in years, on TRT for 4+ years, 27, looking to come off- PCT advice?



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Jan 12, 2021
Hey all,

What's going on. So long story short I was pretty heavy into working out in college and messed around with SARMS (clomid, nolva) as well as hcg, then eventually worked my way to full-blown doctor prescribed testosterone injections once per week at 200mg.

I'm concerned about fertility. I've got my dream job but now it's time to plan ahead. Should I just hop on hcg now and continue with my shots or should I go for the full-blown quit route- hcg blast for 2 weeks, then clomid/nolvadex for 6 weeks? Anyone got a better plan than that? Lol. Not a huge fan of my sides on clomid but I've matured since then so maybe it won't be so bad.

Outside of that- I need to get my ass in the gym. Coding/gaming all day with no activity anymore. It's pathetic.

Seeking anybody with mutual interests to share their experiences on this. Thanks you guys, looking forward to meeting you all!



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Nov 3, 2012
What's your sperm count at 200mg/wk and what are your dr's thoughts on your 2 choices? Welcome aboard
Lizard King

Lizard King

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Sep 9, 2010
You're 27 and you found an MD put you on TRT? What was your count when you went on, test levels etc? Why would you not go back to the MD and ask him these questions?


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May 23, 2011
Wow that is very very young for a doctor to put you on trt. If there was a true medical reason I can understand but because someone screwed up their endocrine system with using pro hormones and I personally think that doctor needs to be smacked upside the head for putting you on testosterone.

My opinion for what it's worth is you need to be clean as possible and stay away from anything that's not going to let your body get back to a normal State and that could take you 6 months to several years who knows depends on how off your system is.

If you're worried about having kids it's a no-brainer in my opinion again stop doing testosterone I would go through solid PCT and stay away from any prohormones any testosterone boosters and let your body get back to where it should be.

You need to get a good baseline of where you are in your blood work and move forward from there but I personally would never recommend somebody in their twenties using like that. Cycling yes I get but if kids are something you want in the future I would get off everything and go as natural as you possibly can and see where your blood levels are and then make some good informed decisions. And don't go back to whatever doctor you went to it's obvious they have no clue of what they're doing when it comes to trt.