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Have you met any Professional bodybuilders?



Bad Mother
Sep 27, 2010
Flex Lewis: First pro I ever met, was awe-struck by his physique. Didn't even know who he was at the time, I was at my first BB show. Literally ran into him in the men's restroom.
Andy Haman: Nice guy very personable, wife and I have met him several times.
Branch Warren: Quiet guy, but still nice.
Ronnie Coleman: Icon and he knows it....
Peter "Pump" Putnam: Meet and greet...just said hey
Brandon Curry: Really quiet, but was showing that day...prolly damn near dead. Deep guy though.
Dorian Yates: Old but still huge, was promoting his supp line so that was all he would talk about.
Sarah Hayes: Intimidatingly huge for a chick. Very nice, still feminine.
Adela Garcia: Flaky.
Dexter Jackson: Took pic with him on my show day when I was a light weight....looks like a "Feed the Children" add. Super nice guy though.

NPC Guys 'n Gals:
SHW Steve Kuclo: Friggin' heeeyuge. Just introduced by rep, didn't really get to talk to him.
SHW Kim Williams: Cool guy, talk to him a lot. Helped me more than I can say in my journey.
HW Chulsey Graham: Nice guy
LHW Tierany Cretien: Cool ass chick, see her quite a bit.
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Sep 25, 2010
I met Gunter who was a real nice guy, but full of the typical bullshit- "Im so big cuz I use ZMA, NOT steroids!"- and I remember seeing some thick ass back hair stubble, lol...

I met Nasser at a gym I used to train at and he was kind of a dick, didnt talk to anyone, and would just kind of sit around when he wasnt working out...

George Farrah I met a couple years ago, seemed really genuine and friendly, but Ive heard from guys that hired him that his articles are the opposite of what he actually has you do if he trains you...

Ko Chandetka used to train at a gym I was at when I first got out of the Marines and he was another guy who thought his shit didnt stink, he trained for free and was a huge fucking dick, there were a lot of young guys that really just wanted to pay their respects and let them know how cool they thought he was and he would totally diss them, Im glad his pro career tanked, fuck that dude...

I also used to train with 2 guys pretty regularly that all of you have seen in the magazine ads, Id rather not name them as I still consider them friends...


VIP Strength Advisor
Sep 15, 2010
Arnold back in the 90's I actually was hired to be his bodyguard when he came to Vegas


Dec 30, 2010
Branch- real cool guy genuinely nice. Talked about hunting mostly. Meet him in san antonio during vacation, just ran into him at a restaraunt.

Ronnie- just a plain douch bag I don't know how to put it. But he was so fucking enormous

Jay cutler- met him at golds in vegas, cool guy also, seemed eager to and enoyed talking to a fan.

Wasn't really awe struck by them but all 3 were gigantic


VIP Member
Dec 2, 2010
My son (in pic) and I met Phil Heath last year at NPC in Lafayette, LA.

Also, Jamie Eason.

They were both super nice.



Sep 8, 2010
Phil Heath, he was in my weight class at my first National level show...made me feel like a stick.
Patrick Richardson who is not well known but a IFBB pro is a good friend of mine.
Victor Martinez I met at a show where I was 240 and ripped...he made me contemplate how small I really was...he was 2 weeks post Olympia and was hyuge...nice guy.
Matt Duval....who was in all the muscletech ads for years, has hyuuuge arms, very friendly guy, talked to him at states one year.
Mike Valentino who is also the NCNPC chairman, so I have spoken with him on numerous occasions at the shows.
The last fellow I cant remember his name he is also involved in the NCNPC but his name eludes me, he is a very outgoing and down to earth guy, always a great help at showtime and a voice of common sense and reason when things go awry at shows.