Has anyone seen the physique girls for the USA?

Discussion in 'Female Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Competition' started by grayclaws, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. TenaciousA

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    Mar 31, 2013
    While I do respect that it takes work to compete at any level, I still just don't understand bikini.

    I understand that most of these organizations are run by perverted old man who love seeing young girls with big tits break themselves around the stage in their infamous "anal pose", It just makes me sick as a woman to see that category.

    I feel like it is a prelude to the AVNs, Or a casting call for a strip club or a porn star convention.

    I will stick to having muscles, albeit very small ones.
  2. sassy69

    sassy69 VIP Member

    Aug 16, 2011
    A number of pro shows have dumped FBB as a category. In fact the few that continue to have them have sponsors that specifically support them because no one else will. Also the Arnold Classic recently announced they are discontinuing the Ms. International competition and replacing it w/ the men's 212 category. Sadly, I'm sure the Olympia will follow in the next year or two.
  3. sassy69

    sassy69 VIP Member

    Aug 16, 2011
    The competitive industry is changing. Times a' changin'. And like I said, at the end of the day, its about money.

    FWIW, its taken me a year just to come to terms w/ the demise of FBB and the fact that I've not been in the gym almost for 2 years due to injuries and I still have more muscle mass than most of the ladies in the Physique division and had more when I stepped on stage for the first time 12 years ago. No disrespect to them, but there's a definite change in the world of competition to more of a stage-driven thing on short time frames than a lifestyle thing that spans decades. It continues to thrive on the tradition of the IFBB Pro Card, but what it takes to earn one is nothing like what it used to represent. IMHO its heavily watered down in favor of more competitors = more money. I will be very interested to see if WPD continues to trend more towards the jacked look and at what point it stops.
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  4. sassy69

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    Aug 16, 2011
    Sometimes I wish there were minimum requirements to go on stage so people who are very obviously not ready, can't get on stage. Currently, as long as you wear the regulation suit, pay the federation dues & entry fee, and show up for the weigh-in (or height-in), you can get on stage. This includes the whole group of apparently mentally challenged or otherwise clueless people who are regular institutions in various local / regional shows. I like that the sport is open to everyone, but I always feel so bad for the people who have put in all the years of pain, sweat & tears to stand next to the clueless person because it is such a distraction.

    My second show back in 2000 was my personal experience being "that person". I wasn't quite like this ^^ but I was definitely not stage ready and I very directly blame my shit trainer for letting me go on stage like that. I consider it one of my most humiliating experiences in my life.
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  5. Mini Forklift Ⓥ

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    Dec 23, 2012
    Thanks for the insight Sassy.

    Two sides I guess, one on hand I can EXACTLY see what you are saying in the sense that people who are clearly not quite ready (or just look plain damn awful) shouldn't be allowed on stage. But then you could flip that around and argue that if someone has paid their entry and therefore is on equal footing with everyone else in their show/category, why shouldn't they be allowed to have that stage and competition experience that they are technically entitled to?

    I've been to shows before and seen the same guy up on stage that looks nowhere near ready year after year, but he clearly enjoys it up there. I do feel bad for him when everyone around me is laughing at him, some even shouting abusive comments. I've found out since that he can't afford to hire a trainer so he does all of his prep on his own as a result. He has a couple of kids and he spends most of what he earns on them, his food is nowhere near where it needs to be to get ready for a competition but it's what he has always wanted to do so he just gets up there and does his thing. Good for him I say.
  6. kyle grey

    kyle grey VIP Member

    May 15, 2012
    It's also my experience that the so called "clueless competitor " always inadvertently shows up in funky red trunks which end up doing a very poor job of concealing the crown jewels . This leaves me wondering if this is completely unintended ?
  7. TenaciousA

    TenaciousA MuscleHead

    Mar 31, 2013
    Sass, to your point: when people have trainers there is, IMHO, no excuse to et onstage just for this point.

    Judges, competitors, crowd all will remember your (what they consider) piss poor preparation.....and you may be dissuaded from prepping again.

    There are are so many shows-and while limitations do exist re timing and personal life-I wish they would defer these not ready persons to a later show date.

    As for the demise of womens BB-natty organizations have a few good women but are really only as big-in some cases-as some huuuuge figure chicks in NPC. There's no comparison.

    While all judges do have a different perception of readiness and what a class entails, I do agree there needs to be SOME standardization. No one knows where the **** to register, me being one of these girls.

    And as for crossover wins...someone PLEASE get electronic scoring! Not so hard, iPads are cheap.

    PS- I don't have implants so I'm doubly screwed. Padding only goes so far. For Christmas perhaps I'll ask Santa for all of the above.
  8. Fury

    Fury MuscleHead

    Jun 6, 2012
    I agree with everyone on this.sassy spot on.lets look at bikini the girls do those mandatory poses and I showed my wife and we both agreed they should be stripping.i like women with muscle that's me as I know the hard work the dedication that goes in.physic is what I prefer I think it's a perfect package muscle but still keeping the femininity.the men's bikini class.what can I say.maybe I'm just to old school.
  9. sassy69

    sassy69 VIP Member

    Aug 16, 2011
    When the bottom line is money, don't expect expenditures like computerized scoring and tracking. Ironically back in 2000 I was at one of the largest non-national shows where they have (or at least had) a Men's Fitness thing that consisted of an odd combination of "fitness" as measured by 1) the look; 2) number of pull ups and possible push-ups-- don't recall exactly; 3) posing routine. There was a little wiry hip hop guy who did a great pop&lock / b-boy routine and another Hispanic guy who was obviously the golden boy favorite. This guy would've killed in Men's Physique. So at the end of it all, they awarded the the trophy to the hiphop guy. But somewhere along the way, they came back and actually took the trophy from the hiphop guy and gave it to the Hispanic guy claiming "computational error". Honestly, if they don't have computers now, they certainly weren't using them in 2000. Knowing some of the local politics there was suspicion that it was a total fix. Alternatively, someone simply doesn't know how to add. Very fishy.

    Also re: individual shows -that is always going to be a function of the individual promoters. And there is NO standardization state to state, at least in the NPC.

    This is a very non-regulated "sport" that exists only because there are federations established to generate revenue. The promoters and groups who run a tight operation and really make it a great experience for all competitors (or most because it is pretty hard to please absolutely everyone) - they do it because they love the sport the same way we would "like" to see this.
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  10. narcissus79

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    Oct 17, 2012
    I still haven't come to terms with it Sassy.. I'm damn near ropeable about the issues with FBB. I heard they dropped FBB from NABBA Universe this year, though apparently it's still in the Worlds later in the year. WFF Extreme Body is an option, but how big is it in the US? - And I guess it's not pro - again though, $40000 for first prize is embarrassing for Ms Olympia.
  11. sassy69

    sassy69 VIP Member

    Aug 16, 2011
    The problem is there's just no arguing against it. Its just another aspect of the perception of "feminine" and each person's definition of it. It doesn't fly w/ the mainstream, and not even much of the niche world of bodybuilding, it doesn't generate money and its too easy to stereotype. That will NEVER change. The top female athletes in the world are only given any sort of credit if they are "****able", otherwise any conversation will always be skewed by someone's opinion of how much that person appeals to them. OR they are hawt, their athletic ability becomes a secondary feature.

    I went thru a period of serious perosnal depression about the whole thing and I just don't have the energy anymore. And that's sad to me because some of these female athletes, w/ Iris at the top of the list, and many others, have athletic, muscular, aesthetic, and genetic qualities, dedication, consistency over years, and just plain old awesome sportsmanship that can't be touched by many males in the sport.

    Oh well.

    Frankly it would be nice if the guys can learn something from this and reign in some of the unnecessary sloppiness that is becoming the norm on the guys's side. Seriously, do we need to accept distended guts the size we are seeing lately as just "part of the sport"? Sheeyit. I wonder what an Arnold of 1970 would say to today's counterparts about it.

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  12. Mike_RN

    Mike_RN Senior Moderators Staff Member

    Aug 13, 2013
    Quite a few FBB have been attempting to size down into women's physique this year. Thus the trend for bigger more muscular vs. the Juliana Malacarne or Dana Lyn Bailey look that was winning last year. NPC and IFBB shows this year reflect a "bigger is better" physique preference in judging.

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