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GreenMachine's Real Fancy Training Log



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Nov 25, 2018
Yesterday's training

Chest Day

  • Bar x30
  • 135 x15
  • 225 x5
  • 225 x5
  • 315 x5 (I should have stopped at 3, but, soo much fun..)
  • 345 x1 (figured a double here, figured wrong today, due to extra 315 reps)
  • 325 x3
  • 325 x2
  • 325 x1 (I'll stay here until I get 3 triples... or so)
Slingshot Bench Work:
  • 325 x6
  • 325 x5
  • 325 x5
  • 325 x4
Dumbbell Inclined Press:
  • 70 x10 x4
    I only have 70s at the home gym, but I was already a bit tore up anyhow, all is good.
Inclined DB Fly (palms forward vs. up)
  • 25 x10 x4
I cut it a bit short this evening, but the Sling Shot work tore me up a bit.. so, I call it solid.

Finish up with a 15 min walk on the treadmill w/120lb vest slight inclined at 3.0 watching Gen Iron 2.. Kia Greene piece..
Legs on Saturday, trashed, so 15 minutes was all I had and needed to get the blood moving in em.. else.. I may never walk again.. holy shit.

Wife also reminded me of the Apple Pie she made.. so.. yea..

Monday Night -- Letting the weights rest


New Member
Nov 25, 2018
All right, deads last night.

Pulling from about an inch (maybe a touch more) deficit, just introduced it after reading some articles that proved it makes some sense for me to try for a while, we shall see. Made a huge difference in overall reps as off the floor was noticeably much more difficult and slow post 315lbs... good stuff as I suck off the floor.

Deficit Deads:
  • 135 x10
  • 225 x5 x2 sets
  • 315 x3
  • 405 x3
  • 405 x2
  • 405 x1
  • 315 x3 x2 sets
Volume is down a bit, but the change to deficit may take a few weeks to dial in.

Barbell Rows:
  • 225 x5 x4 sets
Rack Pulls, just above the knee:
  • 405 x5 x4 sets
BB Shrugs:
  • 315 x10 x4 sets
  • 4 sets
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