Getting ready for Spring?

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    Feb 27, 2011
    I am offering a recomp training program to all TID members or friends of TID members to help get ready for Spring time.

    It's a high volume program with particular strength development components to it and is designed for somebody who already has the internal drive to push things to the limits in the gym.

    Ideadly you want a high carb moderate protein lower fat diet along with this. That's where I have seen clients achieve the most progress. When I use this myself I tend to eat 60% carbohydrate.

    The offer:
    12 week program
    Weekly coaching contact or more if you keep a log here and tag me PillarofBalance to get my attention when needed.

    Offer is limited to 10 and expires at the end of January.

    Pm me to discuss or ask here for more info.

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