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General Guidelines for Female Steroid Use



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Oct 2, 2010
RULE 1.. everyone is different.. your reaction/sides/gains cannot be gauged by anyone else. Just because "it worked for her" or "she got sides at that dose" does NOT mean that will be your result

RULE 2.. you are female.. if you would like to stay that way then RESEARCH suggested cycles.. do NOT just let someone inject you and "trust" them. (so sad i have to say this...)

RULE 3.. testing.. you start conservative and go from there.. you can always add but subtracting is dangerous.. this goes for compounds, stacks and doses..

RULE 4.. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! it will in fact warn you when bad things are about to happen to it.. there are very clear warning signs BEFORE a permanent virilization causing side.. LISTEN TO THEM and stop the cycle/back the dose down IMMEDIATELY.. there is a short window between a warning and a side

ok so a general list of "safe" steroids for woman (from my personal experience) are

Anavar- 5mg up to 20 mg MAXa day is pretty safe for MOST people.. start at 5mg ed.. cycles tend to be between 8-12 weeks

Primo (tabs or injectable)- 50mg-200mg MAX a week is safe for MOST people..

EQ- 75mg-200mg MAX a week is safe for MOST people. The cycle needs to be at least 10 weeks. this is a really slow kicker at these doses..

Winny (USE ORAL) 10mg to 50mg MAX either ED or EOD is safe for most people but be careful. Winny can be rough on the voice so if you get a sore throat for no apparent reason end the cycle

Test prop 10-20mg EOD MAX.. do NOT use test unless you have used some/most of the above and been side free. do NOT stack it with anything until you see how your body reacts.. do not use lightly. Test can be a very rough one for women so thankfully the nice short ester allows you to get off before a side effect is perm

Nolvadex not a steroid but a WONDERFUL substance for women.. Estrogen causes water retention, fat retention around the hips, thighs, abs, and mood swings. 20mg of nolva ED will very rapidly reduce the fat storage in these areas and dry you out.. will also regulate mood nicely.. A must have IMO when coming off any cycle.. estrogen rebound is evil it should be called estrogen rage not "roid rage" lol I have literally run nolva year round since feb 08 and not gotten anything remotely resembling a side effect. i would not recommend this for everyone as it can effect fertility long term.

Arimidex also not a steroid but helpful when test prop is involved in a cycle.. we take very small amounts so lets keep it from converting to estro.....5-1mg either ED or EOD


Throat soreness or raspy sound to your voice
ANY hair growth
Hypersensitivity of the clitoris

If you get ANY of the above stop the cycle immediately.. generally you have a 3-4 day window before the onset of the above and actually getting a voice change/clitoral growth.. do not play around with these they are forever..

Woman can safely run gear but you cannot be reckless.. you cant run heavy doses or super long cycles and you MUST be very selective about what gear enters your body..

Steroids to NEVER EVER consider

Tren (any ester)
Deca (i am yet to meet a female to have run this that doesnt at the very least have voice deepening.. no thank you )
ANY Test other than prop (test e, c and sus last way too long.. if you feel a side you are GOING to get it by the time the gear clears your system.. Suspension is too extreme even short term it can be very dangerous)
I would also avoid anadrol and dbol..


New Member
Apr 23, 2013
awesome information !!u did a great job putting in facts and experience a simple but complete


Jan 26, 2011
And not entirely true.
Longer Esther's of test can be run . I wouldn't suggest a female run anything but prop right out of the gate. But if it's tolerated well there is no reason a longer Esther can't be run.

Tren just like men every individual is going to handle it differently


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Aug 13, 2013
Is there a feminine form for the term "BroScience"?


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Aug 16, 2011
This is a good basic foundation for newbs and mid-level experience. The "NEVER USE" list is the stuff that always manages to get suggested by guys (who apply guy-cycle logic to women not knowing any better) - so in that sense, I would totally agree that they shouldn't be used if you have no effing clue what you are doing and the person making the recommendation has no ****ing clue. If you are experienced enough, then IMO you can make those choices.

RE: the longer acting esters - Yea I know women who use the longer acting stuff, me personally, don't like what it does to them ... def not a fan of the "old school FBB look" - but if you are operating at that level, then you certainly have earned the right to decide what to put in your system and be responsible for the results & sides. I know a few people who have dabbled w/ ultra ultra low doses and are no where near "old school FBBs", so there's more to it than just "NEVER USE" - but for Jane Average, the above is probably entirely sufficient.