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Discussion in 'Diet and Nutrition' started by 3J, May 19, 2011.

  1. Youngstunna

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    Oct 21, 2010
    3J how about you tell us some simple ways to make food for someone on the go, this is a problem that I have and am looking to really focus on my diet things is I wanna be able to prepare a certain amount of food for throughout the week, I am also curious that you said that shakes should not be substituted for a meal, what about liguid egg whites as a protein source for a meal early in the morning

    the biggest things are quick recipes for the food throughout the day
  2. 3J

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    May 19, 2011
    what does your day entail?? do you have a microwave handy??

    liquid pasturized egg whites are a good source of bioavailable protein... that being said, it lacks the necessary characteristics to speed up your metabolism since there really isn't much to break down through the digestive process.. if your bulking its fine as a replacement.. if your not go for the lean meats..

    i personally cook for for 3 days, individually seal them in glad containers and put them in an ice chest where ever i go..

    an easy quick meal usually can be a sandwich.. but not with ww bread.. its crap.. sprouted breads like ezekiel bread is a good choice for carbs.. lettuce tomato.. all that stuff works..

    that being said.. i would need to know more about your situation to tell you about foods.. we all have a problem with trying to carry our necessary foods with us all day long..
  3. PillarofBalance

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    Feb 27, 2011
    30 Years Old
    20%BF??? I have calipers and never get the same result :(
    Goal: Addition of 15lbs of lean mass during my first cycle (currently on week 6). I want fat gains to be minimal.

    I have no real idea what my bodyfat. Here is a pre-cycle pic


    Here is a current pic where I feel like a fat bloated disgusting pig and I hate myself


    So I ran thru your formula for BMR and TDEE. My BMR is 2,137 and TDEE is 3,3112. My question to you is if I want to make leaner gains as opposed to the fat ass gains I have made so far what should my macro ratio's look like? The way everyone talks about how when you're a bodybuilder you gotta eat tons of food seems to be wrong... I have a voracious appetite that never seems to quit. I can eat 2lbs of steak in a sitting no problem. How many calories over the 3,312 should I be eating to make quality gains?

    A typical days menu for me
    Meal 1 - 6 eggs, 1/2 cup oats, 2 TB natty PB
    Meal 2 - 8oz Chicken, 1 Cup Lentils
    Pre-Workout 50g Karbolyn
    Post-Workout - 50 Grams Whey Isolates (isopure)
    Meal 3 - 8oz Chicken, 1 Cup Lentils
    Meal 4 - 8oz Chicken, 1 Cup Lentils
    Meal 5 - 8oz Flank Steak or 93%ground beef, 16oz Milk
    Meal 6 - 2 cups cottage cheese

    Any help you can throw my way is greatly appreciated!
  4. mdw90

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    Jun 8, 2011
    Age: 21
    Weight: 261lbs
    Height: 5' 11"
    bf: 36.55%
    Goals: I am trying to trim the fat while gaining muscle. I would also like to learn a good chunk more about nutrition (as I feel that's where I'm slacking tremendously), but I don't really know where to start since there is a ton of not so great info mixed in with some good info along the web.
    BMR: 370 370 +(21.6)(165.59/2.2)= 1995.79273
    TDEE: 1.375*(1995.79723)= 2 744.22119

    My workout reg is Mon Wed Fri and I eat usually at 7am 12pm and 5pm. When I fit snacks into the equation it's something like 7am 11am 2pm 5pm. For the most part I am not home during the day since I work from 730am-5pm. My workout days consist of doing A days and B days (sets then reps). On A days I do 5x5 Squat, 5x5 Bench, and 5x5 Barbell Rows. On B days I do 5x5 Squats, 5x5 Push Press, and 1x5 Deadlifts. I've been following Bill Starr 5x5 - Madcow Intermediate or Linear Version and adding 5lbs per workout.

    My diet is pretty random... I don't know when it's a good idea or how much I should be having Mon-Fri for carbs, essential fats, or protein. I've been seeing that some people have pre and post workout meals and I haven't done that at all. I guess if I had to classify my diet right now it'd be:
    Meal 1: 2 scoops Whey, 2.5 cups Milk, 6 oz Chicken Breasts
    Snack: 6 oz chicken breasts
    Meal 2: 6 oz chicken breasts
    Meal 3: Whatever my family makes
    Bedtime Snack: Milk before I go to bed
    Meal 1: Whey, Milk
    Meal 2: Some kind of sandwich
    Meal 3: Whatever is available (if I'm at a restaurant pizza/burger/etc)
    Then I usually binge drink one of those days once every 2 weeks or so.

    Thanks in advance for any help. I'm really clueless about all this stuff so anything you give me will be great. I know that what I've been doing has been terrible and sadly I have improved my diet considerably from May til now. Unfortunately it isn't showing which is why I decided to post after being recommended by a friend. Again, thanks for any and all help. It truly is immensely appreciated!
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  5. Ogre717

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    Jul 22, 2011
    Ok so I have do a good bit of recomposition as it is but my diet ratios are off. My main goal is to loose BF and maintain current muscle mass or have slight gains. I recently had my BF measured by the gym trainer with the calipers at 17%, down from 22% 4 months ago a loss of 28 lbs. I know that is good but I want to make the next few months as productive as possible.
    I’m 28
    5’10’’ tall
    193 lbs
    17% BF
    BMR: 1951
    TDEE: 3511-
    (I used 1.8 as my multiplier as i train pretty hard 5-6 days a week and have a physically demanding job. Aircraft mechanic deployed to the Middle East working 13hrs a day 100++ degree weather. Heavy aircraft parts and tools.)

    I am training 4 days on, 1 day off. I do at least 30 min of cardio on either the stationary bike/elliptical, followed by 10 min of stretching then an hour of weight training. During cardio I maintain a heart rate of about 140 for a few minutes then will do 60 seconds as hard as I can usually raising HR to around 165. I will then reduce my intensity until my heart rate falls back down to 140, then repeat. During weight training, most of my exercises consist of a light warm-up set followed by 4 working sets in the 10-15 rep range, usually failing between 12-14.
    My current diet (not optimal I know but it has been working): This is my EXACT day to day.

    1945- wake up, go straight to cardio then gym
    2200- Protein shake (Muscletech whey protein)
    2300- Meal 1: About 4-5 eggs ( military version of egg beaters)
    0200- Meal 2: Protein Shake
    0400- Meal 3: 8oz chicken breast
    0600- Meal 4: Protein shake
    0800- Meal 5: 8oz chicken breast
    1000- Meal 6: About 4-5 eggs

    I have certain foods that are available at the chow hall every day with no restrictions on how much I can take. I have no problem eating the exact same thing every day. I need a diet plan that will maximize the amount of fat I can shed while still maintaining the muscle mass I already have with minimal gains if any. Here are the things I have available to eat.

    Eggs: from the shell cooked any way I want or the military version of “egg Beaters”
    (Onion, green pepper, jalapeño, bacon, ham, mushroom, tomato available for omelets)
    Bacon and sausage links
    Salad bar: lettuce, carrot shavings, cucumber, tomatoes, bell peppers, celery, broccoli
    (Assorted Kraft fat free dressings, oil and vinegar)
    Baked chicken breast
    Hamburger patties
    Tuna to go packs
    Whole, 2%, skim -milks
    Assorted fruit juices
    Cliff bars/ chewy granola bars/ nutri-grain bars
    Assorted cereals, Cheerios, Frosted mini Wheat’s, total, raisin bran, and Kashi go lean
    Sliced almonds, walnuts
    Apples, bananas

    There are main course items that change through the week but they are usually greasy crap smothered in some sauce.
  6. AllTheWay

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    Mar 17, 2011
    3Js hasnt logged on in almost 2 months guys, im not so sure you are going to get the help you are looking for! im going to unsticky this until he becomes more active. no sense people putting all the effort into putting it all out there when he isnt stopping by to check on it! :(
  7. 3J

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    May 19, 2011
    everybody here deserves my deepest apologies...
    when i sign up on a board i make sure to turn on notifications letting me know when someone has responded to this thread...

    i just got a pm at a board that i mod telling me the situation... i dont understand what went wrong because my e-mail notifications are on in my settings.. im going to contact admin about this problem..

    that being said.. ill take care of everyone right now!!!!!
  8. 3J

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    May 19, 2011
    so it seems your diet is too repetitive.. first worry is that your eating chicken times day... that can lead to food born allergies..

    lentils are great, but you also need to switch up carbs.. sweet potato, brown rice, red kidney beans...

    your also mixing high amounts of fats with carbs ij your first meal.. its not a good idea...

    furthermore have you taken the time to put all this into

    a clean bulk would be a 40/40/20 split..

    in your case

    300g protein
    350g carbs
    66g fats

    then add 200 calories every 3 days untill you start to add 1-2lbs a week.. anything more then that and your over eating
  9. 3J

    3J Member

    May 19, 2011

    ok first and foremost i apologize for the wait.. i had an issue with the notifications on this board to my e-mail...

    secondly your going about this all wrong.. your tdee is 2700 calories.. you wanna drop fat but your on a 5x5 routine which, for the most part, is more of a mass gaining and powerlifting routine... you dont need to worry about your max set and adding weight.. you need to burn more calories..

    i recommend a 5 day split.. one muscle group a day.. 45 min low intensity cardio after every workout..

    as for your diet, its all over the place...

    here how you should focus your diet..

    2400 calories
    250g protein
    150g carbs
    88g fats

    notice how your carbs are at 150g?? i want you to spread your carbs evenly between breakfast , pre, and post workout.. if your workout is after breakfast then to bfast, post workout and the meal after that..

    your protein needs to be evenly divided... and not all over the place

    your protein sources need to vary.. you cant eat chicken all day.. you'll gain a food born allergy..

    look back at my cutting diet in the first post of this thread.. notice that i follow that philosophy of doing carbs only when needed (bfast, pre and post workout)..

    use the foods that i listed in the first post to create a better diet.. dieting isn't easy.. it takes prep.. i cook 2 days a week for 3 days worth of food in order to keep up with my diet...

    u cant go out and eat sandwiches and crap like that every other day... a food long from subway has a minimum of 100g carbs.. u dont need that for your goals.. u need to drop bf..

    create a diet based upon the advice i have given you.. post it up for finalization and ill critique it!
  10. 3J

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    May 19, 2011
    just so im clear.. you go to the gym do cardio and lift weights on an empty stomach??
  11. Ogre717

    Ogre717 TID Official Lab Rat

    Jul 22, 2011
    Yes, the way our schedule is set up here, my first chance to go to the chow hall (by bus) is not untill 2300. everyone that works my shift usually wakes up around 2200 then goes straight to the chow hall. I am one of a few that wakes up early to go train. My only options for a pre-workout meal would be a protein shake, cliff bar/nutrigrain or some type cereal w/o milk. Basically something from the list above that wouldnt require refridgeration.

    I have recently upped the cardio to 45 minutes. I take a pre-workout energy/NO drink so i still have the energy/strength to train.
  12. 3J

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    May 19, 2011
    never lift weights on an empty stomach... i dont care of its a protein shake and a cliff bar, get something in your system...

    you need to focus your carbs to bfast (which in your case is pre workout) post workout... and the meal after that..

    then completely cut out carbs...

    what fats do you have available??

    do you have pb?? nuts?? almonds?? avocados (i might be asking too much here.. lol)..

    how about olive oil?

    i see sliced almonds... how much of that can you get at a time?

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