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Feb 15, 2013
@sizzler91 , hello there fellow fem
I'm a female and have experience with var.
All the posts are great here and good feedback for you.

In summary with var: start off slow and increase slowly. For example you could start out with 5mg daily for one week...see how you do/if you like increase to 10, if you don't like then stop. Timing is just preference IMO. I am doing 25mg daily. I will take half the 25mg in the morning and the other half about an hour before I work out. Again, just preference. I have done the full 25mg does at one time as well. I am just splitting it up right now as an experiment on myself.

Dont' know what mince meat is in australia.

As far as what to do after your cycle. Nothing. You just stop the var and that is it....assuming you are continuing with a good diet and work out plan.

What are your goals overall that you are trying to achieve here?


TID Lady Member
May 11, 2023
As we already mentioned, ensure you diet and training are maximized to the point you are really not making anymore gains being natural, then I would start at no more than 5 mg a day and split the dose into an a.m./p.m. if possible. In between cycles, I would take 12 mg of boron a day to help regulate hormones split up between a.m./p.m.

Depending on your goals, clenbuterol may be a better option for you. Men use it to cut and retain muscle while cutting. Women use it to cut and some even experience muscle gain while on it. Dosing protocol for clenbuterol varies, as it is a pretty strong stimulant. A good rule of thumb is to start at 20 mcg a day and increase from there. Some will increase each day and some will increase weekly (my protocol) until they reach 120 mcg. Once they reach 120 mcg they will run it for two weeks on, two weeks off until their goals are met.
Thanks heaps for that, very informative and very helpful.
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