First Cycle: Female Anavar Log! From Bikini to Figure

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  1. SakuraIron

    SakuraIron TID Lady Member

    Dec 6, 2013
    Hey, I'm back with another log and this time it's a REAL aas cycle! :) The last log I did was on MK-2866 or Ostarine back in December and I had really great results with that SARM. If you want to read my old log.

    I've started researching about var back in October and I decided after a few months it was the best aas for me to run. A little background about me, I have been training seriously for a little over 2 years now, and have always been conscious about my diet. For the last 1.5 years, I've tracked everything I ate and experienced with different dieting styles. I prepped for a Bikini competition from February 2013-June 2013 and I stepped on stage for the first time June 8th 2013. After, I made a decision to switch to figure so I focused on building muscle and strengthening my metabolism. My proposed date of my first figure competition is June 28th, with my warm-up being June 21st (hopefully).I ended my bulk at 151 lbs and started cutting on February 8th. The last few weeks, I've been fluctuating between 142-144 so I've been really looking at my diet to see if I can make any changes to the macro break down and also trying different dieting styles to see what my body responds to best. I train 5-6 times a week, very HEAVY, and my training is a bridge of powerlifting/bodybuilding. I also do cardio 4 times a week, 2 HIIT sessions of 20mins, and 2 MISS sessions of 45mins.

    My goals with anavar are to maintain as much muscle as possible as I cut, increase my strength (especially on the big 3!), and to harden up. I will be doing clen 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. I have nolva INCASE i'm having difficulties with leaning out around my glutes/legs/lower back. If I do run it, I will start it maybe the last 1-2 weeks of my var cycle and run it for about 4-5 weeks. I've read a lot about Nolva and understand it's an extremely harsh drug.

    My schedule will most likely be like this:
    Week 1: 5mg ED var
    Week 2: 10mg ED Var, Clen (taper up 40mcg-120mcg)
    Week 3: 10mg ED Var, Clen (Taper down 120-40)
    Week 4: 10mg ED Var
    Week 5: 10mg ED Var
    Week 6: 10mg ED Var, Clen
    Week 7: 10mg ED Var, Clen
    Week 8: 10mg taper down to 5mg Var, (Nolva 5-10mg)
    Week 9: (10mg Nolva ED)
    Week 10: (10mg Nolva ED), Clen
    Week 11: (10mg Nolva ED), Clen
    Week 12: (Nolva 10-5mg)

    A note on the clen- I've already ran 2 weeks of it and found that my clen is underdosed so my numbers are based on the clen I have and its strength

    Height- 5' 3.5"
    Weight- 144 lbs
    BF %- 21.2%
    Bench- 145 x 5
    Squat- 185 x 5, 225x1
    Deadlift- 255x5

    My body fat was done with a 3 site caliper test, and the number actually came to be 17.2% but the way my body holds fat I KNOW it's higher so since the trainer told me it's about a 4% difference, I added 4%. I will be getting my bf% tested every 3 weeks by the same guy so I will measure progress based on the difference of the numbers every 3 weeks.

    I will make a detailed post about my diet afterwards.

    I'm very detailed in my logs so I hope this will help out to anyone looking to cycle!

    Today will be my first day. Going to take 5mg right before my workout.
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  2. Jenner

    Jenner LeanMachine

    Jan 9, 2012
    Well lady, looks like you did your homework, great job! :) Look forward to this log as well as your last one!! Good luck :)
  3. kbordner

    kbordner VIP Pops

    Dec 18, 2012
    Agree with Jenner...well planned. Good luck young lady.
  4. sassy69

    sassy69 VIP Member

    Aug 16, 2011
    Why are you tapering the clen on the 2nd week?
    And be sure to include some l-taurine w/ the clen to avoid cramps.

    Ideally split the nolva half AM, half PM.

    No real reason to taper down the var either.

    Use at least a 7 or 9 pt caliper measure if you're going to bother. (e.g.
    We understand that there is a certain amount of error inherent in using the calipers, but w/ several point measures you can see how your body likes to hold / give up bodyfat at the different measure points and instead of spending too much time looking at the absolute values you calculate, look at the relative changes to get see progress.

    BTW nice lift numbers!
  5. shortz

    shortz Beard of Knowledge VIP

    May 6, 2013
    Glad to see you back. How have you been? Haven't seen you active anywhere for a while. Hope yuo're doing well!
  6. SakuraIron

    SakuraIron TID Lady Member

    Dec 6, 2013

    thank you!
    I'm tapering down the clen so I don't crash from being super stimmed, to no clen at all. The tapering down is going to be very short. I plan to run it 40-40-60-60-80-80-100-100-120-120-120-120-80-40 so I'm staying as high as possible but I do want that taper to get used to normal levels.

    &I've already been taking the taurine when I run the clen! :) Got a 300ct bottle right now, it's a bonus I work at a supplement store :)

    I'm tapering the var because I'm reading about estrogen rebound but I guess if I'm running the nolva at the end, I won't need to taper but if I DONT run the nolva, I prefer to taper just to be cautious.

    Definitely going to get my body fat tested again, but like i mentioned before and you said, I'm going to see the relative changes to measure my progress :)

    Thank you very much!
    I've been well! I'm still active on other social media outlets! Not as much I guess though :p I definitely will be very active here :)
  7. sassy69

    sassy69 VIP Member

    Aug 16, 2011
    Some thoughts -
    Clen - I don't know about "super stimmed" as the tolerance increases as the saturation increases. Var - a lot of "estrogen rebound" is a combination of coming off a cycle, completing a show and a shitty post-show diet all at once. Var itself attenuates as its half-life anyway so its not really some dramatic stop, esp at the doses you're running. If you find that you tend to hold water on var, then yes, you'd want to drop it 10-14 days out to allow the water to work its way out of your system.

    The only other comment I had was in response to your note about holding steady at 142-144 lb right now - I would say don't judge all your progress by the scale. I had one show in 2005 when I started the prep and in the first 5 weeks I dropped 8% bodyfat and 2 lb. I know you're aware of the changes in body comp w/ your comment about watching the changes between each 3 week bf measure point so also use that as a measure of progress, in combination w/ the scale and not the scale alone. Also the easier method of just watching how your clothes fit in terms of gauging "progress" and whether or not you should start runnign around looking for changes to the program you're on. Frequently it is just a matter of very isolated and small tweaks but just as frequently it is a matter of just continuing what you are doing and let your body respond at the rate that it is able to respond - watching both body comp and the scale - but more the body comp than the scale.

    And similar to my note about supporting the clen w/ some l-taurine, I'd also throw in a decent probiotic / acidophilus as both steroids and nolva can promote yeast infections. They're more a nuisance than anything, but if you're running a bunch of different drugs that stress your system, you don't really want to have to throw in anti-biotics as well to deal w/ a yeast infection. Cheap & easy support.
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  8. SakuraIron

    SakuraIron TID Lady Member

    Dec 6, 2013
    thanks Sassy! I just got myself a bottle of probiotics so I should be good.
    Also, I think i'm going to take your advice and not taper down the clen and see how I feel. I just ordered some more clen because I wouldn'tve had enough with the original amount I had since I planned to run it at a lot lower doses/with tapering
  9. SakuraIron

    SakuraIron TID Lady Member

    Dec 6, 2013
    Day 3

    So I took 5mg before my workout Friday, and I didn't really notice any differences. I was overly happy though, but that's most likely because I was excited about my cycle in general and also for the concert at night lol I've already been really irritable the last few weeks because of dieting but Friday night, I got unexpectedly snappy&irritable and I caught myself right after and was kind of surprised at myself.

    Took 5mg yesterday, it was a rest day. I went to go see an NPC show with my friend and that was really fun. Also really motivating to push through my contest prep 110%. Only difference I noticed was slightly higher libido.

    Haven't taken my 5mg yet today but I plan to before I workout. I know that it's better to split doses 12 hours apart because of its half life, but I feel the 2.5mg wouldn't do much to boost my workout so while I'm still on just 5mg a day for the first week, I'd rather just take it all at once.

    My skin started acting up already from 2 weeks ago due to school and stress so I can't attribute any of it to the var. If it gets worse in the next 1-2 weeks, I'll definitely make a note.

    As far as my diet right now. I'm carb cycling at about 1700-1750 calories a day. I basically do high carb/moderate on my leg days, and low every other day with 1 refeed day a week. Most weeks it looks like this:

    thurs-moderate or low
    fri-moderate or low (if I do low Thurs, I do moderate Fri and vice versa)

    My diet consists of whole nutrient dense foods, and I basically eat the same things every day. Depending on my mood, I'll change what I eat. My staples are:

    carb sources - oatmeal, sweet potatoes, asparagus, zucchini, banana, ezekiel bread, fiber cereal, japanese rice
    protein sources - chicken breast, lean ground turkey, steak, eggs, egg whites, cottage cheese, salmon, greek yogurt
    fat sources - avocado, peanut butter, coconut oil

    I RARELY use protein powders since I prefer to eat my calories vs drink them.

    then miscellaneous things which are consumed sparingly are sugar free jam, almond milk, truvia, quest bars, kimchi. On each of my high/moderate/low days, I'll post an example of exactly what I ate that day so you guys get a better idea.
  10. SakuraIron

    SakuraIron TID Lady Member

    Dec 6, 2013
    OH another note I totally forgot to add was that I got my period today. I will be keeping an eye on that as well through my cycle and post cycle.
  11. MaxSeg

    MaxSeg MuscleHead

    Aug 23, 2012
    Good Luck, smash it!
  12. uphillclimb

    uphillclimb TID Board Of Directors

    Dec 9, 2011
    I'll follow along. Good luck girl!

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