Female Physician Discusses the Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

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    Female Physician Discusses the Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

    LifeXMD.com – Feb. 24, 2013 -- Hedda Haning, M.D, an anesthesiologist from Charleston, West Virginia, with more than 40 years experience in medicine, is convinced that preventive care is a major key to reducing the cost of medical care. More specifically, she believes doctors and the public need to give more serious consideration to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for women.

    While many women are convinced that "hormone replacement therapy causes breast cancer," Dr. Haning says that is not true but it’s what everyone remembers from the Women’s Health Initiative Report from 2002. That report indicated that HRT may have contributed to an increase in deaths of 3-4 women per 10,000 treated, but Dr. Haning feels it was a flawed report. She says that a follow-up to the study using estrogen alone showed no increase in the risk for breast cancer, even for those women who had fully recovered from a previous incidence of it.

    Many newer studies from many countries agree that bio-identical HRT provides significant protection from osteoporosis and related fractures. Very important when one considers that an elderly person who gets a hip fracture is 70% more likely to die within the next year. Dr. Haning also believes that “hormones” which are not bio-identical – such as Fosamax – do not provide similar protection. She says these chemical make bones more dense, but not stronger.

    Dr. Haning feels that women are setting themselves up for uterine dysfunction, diabetes, incontinence, high blood pressure, weight gain and spinal disc collapse by not replacing their lost hormones during and after menopause. This is a big issue when we consider that women spend at least 1/3 of their lives in menopause and its resulting hormone deficiency.

    In addition, Dr. Haning points to recent studies in the U.S. and abroad that indicate HRT likely protects against Alzheimer’s. That benefit alone could save billions in healthcare costs each year and improve the quality of life dramatically for those who would be able to avoid the mental deterioration.

    Dr. Haning says the only real drawback to HRT is an increase in blood clotting – but that only applies to hormones administered orally, not by injection or patch. Furthermore, Dr. Haning is concerned that when female patients experience insomnia and depression, their doctors prescribed sleeping or anti-depressant medication, when HRT is known to work very well at alleviating these symptoms.

    Finally, Dr. Haning wants all women to know that, to be most effective, HRT must be started at the time of initial menopause or shortly thereafter. Remember, HRT is preventive medicine. She urges all women who want a healthier, happier life in their “golden years” to seriously consider HRT and not wait until age 70 to begin.

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