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Favorite low side effect cycle?



TID Board Of Directors
Sep 30, 2011
What if you weren't choosing from my list?
Toss the eqy IMO as it is a waste unless you really had an endurance competition scheduled that was NOT drug tested.
The rest of the list is good, you can alternate between the Var and Tbol quite well and the Pro V is good.

Tren low dose long duration is the only thing I would add IF you can tolerate Tren and IF you stick with low dosing I run Tren E at 300mg per week max myself and have had really long runs of 200mg and I felt and looked great on it.
IMO and humbly I have been in the game a long assed time and started when there was no forums or websites etc to turn to and had a couple of decades of training under my belt.
A close friend and I started together and used Bill Phillips Anabolic Reference Guide as our road map stuck with the safest and most effective compounds and used em low dose.
1 susty a week
200mf of deca etc
We made excellent gains and that started us on low dosing our whole lives he is 260+ year round at my age and looks amazing.
Point being and not that you asked but people use way too much usually and screw themselves with side effects and drugs that don't give permanent gains as you can see on here the older guys that have used the longest run low to moderate dosing and look great.
Dbol Sdrol Anadrol blah blah have their place but not in staying healthy AND looking good in the long run.
Now I am running 300 test and 200 tren E with 50mg of var I am rehabbing slowly and this is working very well.
Hope this helps somewhat.
BD Cool

BD Cool

VIP Member
Dec 1, 2011
500 - 600 mgs of test per week.
15 - 20 mgs of D-bol per day.

After 20 + years of AAS use, I'm still shocked on how well I respond to such a low dose of D-bol.
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