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Father and son in dock over supplying anabolic steroids



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Aug 11, 2010
A DETECTIVE and his son were charged with supplying steroids.

The father was also charged with leaking intelligence to gangland criminals, one of whom has been arrested on suspicion of gun crime in Skelmersdale earlier this year.

Dad and son DC Paul David Fletcher, 46, and Paul Michael Fletcher, 26, appeared at Liverpool magistrates' court alongside co-defendant and St Helens policeman Sgt Paul Hornby, 42.

St Helens CID officer Fletcher Snr, of Downall Green Road, Ashton, was charged with eight counts of conspiring with his son to supply the class C drugs in Wigan between October 1 last year and March 24.

He was also charged with misconduct in a public office after it was alleged that he explained police tactics and procedure about telephone evidence to a known criminal, arrested on January 25.

Fletcher Snr is also said to have accessed sensitive information on police files and leaked it to a known criminal in St Helens on February 1.

His son Fletcher Jnr, of Richmond Hill, Wigan, was charged with eight counts of supplying steroids during the same period in Wigan.

The pair were represented by different legal teams.

Their co-defendant, Hornby, of Bembridge Court, Wigan, was charged with four counts of conspiring to supply anabolic steroids.

Each stood, speaking only to confirm their names and addresses to the court.
Magistrates heard the offences had to be dealt with at crown court.

A preliminary hearing to determine the likelihood of a trial was set for May 12 at 9.45am.

Hornby remains on unconditional bail, while the bail terms for Fletcher Snr and Jnr were relaxed, demanding that they report only once a week to Wigan police station to answer police bail.