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Facts about Ideal Bodyweight



Aug 11, 2010
The weight, in the reference to human body weight measurements in various sports and medical sciences is nothing but the mass of the body of an individual and therefore, it is expressed also as a mass, such as kilograms or units of force like pounds. The body is weighed in different units like kilograms, pounds and in some area like Britain and Ireland as stone (nearly about 6.35 kg).

An ideal weight varies from a person to person and region to region. Every nation’s government has published their own calculation of ideal body mass in terms of height proportionate to the weight according to the ideal physique according to the region.

As we know, eastern countries like China, Korea, and Japan etc are comparatively shorter than that of western countries like US, Africa, West Indies etc. So, it depends on which area you live in to calculate your ideal weight.

However, there are some common criteria that apply to all human beings. A quantity called body mass index (BMI) is often used to determine weight relative to height. The formula for this is dividing the weight of a person in kilograms by the square of the height in meters.

An ideal weight is very much important in an individual’s life. Ideal weight is responsible for the normal growth and development of bodily organs and body as a whole. It also reflects the physiological and hormonal control of ingestion and digestion. Ideal weight depends on appetitive, hunger and other motivations to eat. The body weight also depends on any disease that human body occupies.

The ideal body weight can fluctuate over the years. You may not find a man having the normal weight of a man 500 years back as he is having now. In USA over the ten year period (1991-2001),an average American woman’s weight increased 11 pounds i.e. nearly about 7% and men have also increased their weight about 10 pounds i.e. 6% as compare to the older calculation.

Some health experts suggest the body is made up of bones, muscles, fats and organs and the fat, which is an important factor in body weight, should not be more than 20% of total body weight in men and 30% in women.

You should calculate your BMI, Waist circumference, Waist/Hip ratio and Body fat (through fat analyzers) to know whether you are having ideal weight or underweight or overweight. Fats are to be controlled before they start accumulating in the body.

Count your daily calorie expenditure and count what you eat and how much calories you supply daily to your body. The gap of input and output should be kept minimum. That is, one should consume only how much is required. If you spend 2000 calories and eating 5000 calories, you are inviting obesity and will lose your ideal weight. Regular exercise and smart diet plan will help you to keep your body weight ideal. Regular sleep and healthy balanced diet is also contributing major role in maintaining the healthy body with an ideal weight.


VIP Strength Advisor
Sep 15, 2010
personally Ive never care what anyone thinks the Ideal bodywieght is for me if I look huge Im good LOL Ive had doctors tell me yrs.a go I should not wiegh no more than 200 pounds and I told him he was crazy and have never been too a doctor again.I listen too my body and know what it can and cant do.


Sep 15, 2010
Im with you.. According to the BMI standards im morbidly obese... I have actually never had a doc tell me i needed to loose weight but according to the "ideal weight" chart i should be 220 or so.. I would look ill if i weighed that much.. As long as my bp is good and i am eating healthy and all of my regular check ups come back normal im happy.. 295 at 13% with a bp of 113/71 to me is healthy and it keeps me happy!!


New Member
Apr 26, 2012
Hey hugeC2, hey huge, I am about 5'9" I weigh 275 Ineed to slim down. However, I do not want to lose muscle mass or strength. Maybe you two could help me?


Apr 5, 2011
im 230ish and my last phyiscal went like this--keep in mind my old doc retired to i just spun the wheel and picked a new one
nurse weighed me 236--did my bp 118/60--saw the doc looked me over and wow your a muscular man but if i go by the bmi chart your obess and you need to lose weight--i ask him are we gonna go by the chart? he says nope--------they take my blood

he calls the next day with result---cholesterol a little high the good kind not the bad--liver enzymes a little high (i knew why i just came off drol)--he says stop taking your other medicine and you will be fine see you in 6 months


Fancypants VIP
Mar 23, 2011
at 6'1" and 210lbs i'm overweight according to that stupid BMI shit. personally, i think i'm too skinny


TID Board Of Directors
Dec 31, 2011
Bmi is the most meaningless measurement made. It only applies to couch potatoes. Why would it exist? For insurance and to eek out even more money by miscatagorizing athletes into the obese category.

I'd look sickly at my ideal Bmi weight imo.


VIP Member
Sep 19, 2010
At 5'9" they have been telling me for years that I should weigh between 148-155. I have been as light at 152 and i look like I'm battling cancer. Right now I walk around at 219 maybe 14% BF and a 34" waist. BP is 130/60 and thats when on dbol test and EQ.