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Exercises to target upper pec/ shoulder post surgery?

genetic freak

genetic freak

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Dec 28, 2015
Landmine press is another exercise that is relatively safe that hits the upper pecs and front delts.


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Dec 11, 2022
I’ve had my left arm surgically amputated and reattached about four years ago from a nasty mountain bike accident.
I went over the handlebars headfirst and landed on my shoulder at top speed.
When my shoulder hit the ground it crushed my entire shoulder area pushing my humerus into my rib cage and breaking three ribs.
When my shoulder caught traction on the ground after being crushed, it ripped my arm off because the impact tore all of my connective tissue.
My arm was literally hanging by the skin of my armpit.
My orthopedic surgeon was the team ortho for the KC Chiefs and the St Louis Cardinals.
Basically, they cleaned out all of the damaged tissue and laced my arm back into my torso using cadaver ligaments.

I can tell you with great certainty that you are suffering from nerve damage due to your injury and/or surgery.
Generally, if you don’t regain function of those nerve pathways within a year, they likely are irreversibly damaged.
I still have little feeling in my left hand and am not ever expected to regain full function of it.
If you’re experiencing localized loss of muscle tissue and strength then I recommend you seek out the help of a physical therapist if you can.
I had to do eight months of highly specialized and grueling physical therapy.
You really should be doing your recovery under qualified guidance post surgery.
I recommend you lay off the weights for awhile and use resistance bands instead.
Cautious and deliberate progress is best considering your circumstances.
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genetic freak

genetic freak

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Dec 28, 2015
Kills me every time I hear that story, Alpha. Fucking ouch to the millionth power!


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Feb 5, 2023
So to clear the air regarding my situaiton
A pleasant story:
So about 14 years ago I was in a motorcycle accident which lead to a 3rd Degree Separated shoulder.
1st Surgery.....Dr sold me on a new technique that had a very high success rate(some sort or plastic button). Less then 2 weeks after surgery it failed.

After seeing a half dozen surgeons,all of which kept passing me off as someone's mistake, I searched the US for the best. Found a surgeon in the middle of the country that would take me on.

2nd Surgery....paid out of pocket....Weaver Dunn procedure which fixed the shoulder to almost 100 percent but the hardware installed left pain which left me to...

3rd Surgery....Hardware removed locally. Afterwards was 100 percent....
3 years ago helped someone move something and my arm moved awkwardly. Leading me down my current path. 5 orthopedics kept telling me there was nothing wrong even thou all test showed instability. Finally traveled a little further from my area and had an Ortho willing to go in a see what's wrong.

4th Surgery...Ortho goes in and finds the bottom portion of the button wasn't removed and had shifted to have the bone grow around it. Was pushed more into the bone and had scar tissue removed. Surgery didn't help pain, but made it worse.

5th Surgery....More test are ran and it's found I had instability, surgery entails redoing ac and cc ligiments. Post surgery, way more pain. More test run post surgery, find Pectoral and Deltoid were not attached to bone.....

6th Surgery... Surgeon puts anchors in to get muscles reattached, and now I am in the shadows of that surgery. Tests have ruled out nerve damage. Signs point to possible instability, also the health of the clavical is poor. I have been told the fat also has most likely disolved in the area and that the muscle in MRI test is actually good. Suggestions are to have clavical reconstructed. Getting a qualified ortho that has seen some serious cases is now the primary battle. PT has said do weight within reason.

and after all that..

Tore my labrum in my other arm which was repaired, and failed. now i need a bicep tedensis. my pain level is 9-10 daily with nobody prescribing any medication that would probably work and every form of "acceptable pain management" been tried. If I find an ortho that would have the confidence to figure me out, i would jump at it as I am not going to live another 40 years in this pain. There is an ortho in Texas, the guy that originally fixed me properly, fairly confident he can ge things figured out but it's become a battle of insurance at this point. I wanted to seem him once things happened but insurance was the issue then, still is now.

Alpha, I appreciate you telling me what happened. It was difficult for me to sit down and write my stuff out.


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May 9, 2012
I guess my falling of a ladder while cleaning the gutters sounds pretty lame.... but i did fall onto the ladder.....

I sure got nothing on you two
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