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Estradiol trought the roof on tren



Aug 11, 2010
A good few people suffer with high E2 on Tren, some have symptoms, some do not.. Some believe it is to do with the Tren giving false readings and being mistaken by Tren.. I have found that not to be the case because when I use Aromasin in combination those figures reduce drastically..

Now my E2 never a problem over the short, even medium hall, but long term tren use sent up my values. Only logical reason I can see which the science as far as I can see supports is that Masteron and even the Tren because of DHT are blocking oestrogen from interacting with receptors and it is building up over time. The oestrogen I believe is not all coming directly from the compounds being used such as Test etc (although possible over time),I believe that my body is converting indirectly from the androgens and testosterone to try balance out or what ever other reason and hence the rise with Tren and Masteron. It most likely is possible that some individuals are more prone to indirect conversion that others due to the diversity of how people work, hence why some people get high E2 on tren and some don't.. If it was a false reading on the blood work I would of though that Tren would set it off more often than not at everybody would be seeing crazy E2 values on tren with little or even no estro sides..

Genetic Freak:

Forgive me lax words, I try to keep things very simple to understand..

Tamoxifen blocks the oestrogen receptors by getting in there and physically keeping out the oestrogen in simple terms.. You remove the compound the oestrogen can bind where was blocked..

Masteron and Proviron although different actions are simular in the way they block the actual receptors, however they are DHT based and DHT cannot be converted into estrogen so as said although ding the direct blocking of oestrogen they do it in different ways, again though if removed oestrogen can get into where it was being blocked.

Letrozole blocks the change from androgen into oestrogen which is the main conversion process which stops allot of oestrogen being converted, it is not suicidal which means once the inhibitor is removed the process it was blocking may revert, hence it was blocked.

Armidex & Aromasin both blocks enzyme aromatase which is responsible for the conversion of androstenedione and testosterone into oestrogen. Aromasin is more aggressive at the process than A.dex generally speaking and although they attempt to do the same job they both do it through different actions. Armidex is reversible (Binds noncovalently and reversibly to the aromatase protein),what this means although it has a strong bond, when the Inhibitor (aAdex) is removed the enzyme activity can recover and go about it's previous business. Aromasin is non reversible (covalently and irreversibly to the aromatase enzyme) as it is suicidal which means even once the inhibitor is discontinued it stays attached to the the enzyme rendering it inactive. Hence the reason I say it destroys it (end the existence of (something) by damaging or attacking it.) as that action is non reversible. A.dex does not destroy, although it blocks the action in simular fashion when removed the previously blocked actions can return to action, therefore it was only blocked.

This is the reason why everything other than Aromasin can lead to rebound as they only block the action.. Some compounds are worse than others in terms of potential to rebound of course, but the only thing that is permanent (that I know of) is Aromasin and that gives it big advantages to the body builder over the other compounds. A.dex and Aromasin will work equally well if dosed correctly whilst both being administrated, where Aromasin has the advantage is it can be used as required (not needed to be used frequently) to remove oestrogen that is present in the system (by rendering it inactive) so to put it simply you can throw in the odd dose to mop up excess oestrogen that is being blocked from being used in the system by compounds like Masteron, novla, proviron etc. This is why using with the Masteron (but you could do with Proviron or Novla (Tamoxifen) although other things are effected with the Novla like IGF production etc) works very well as you are keeping oestrogen out of where you don't want it (receptors) and throwing in just enough Aromasin to get rid of what is "floating about".

There is also the theory (not yet proven) is that non-steroidal inhibitors like A.dex used over long periods could cause high levels of aromatase and resumption of oestrogen biosynthesis... Putting it in a simply over the long haul the body might get resistant and allow for oestrogen to be created.

Hope that explains it to you better....