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Eric Lilliebridge all time WR squat raw with wraps 1025 !!

porky little keg

porky little keg

May 21, 2011
It wasn't a matter of peaking too early..... Ernie Sr has been doing high level meets for 25+ years and competing for 30.... he knows how to peak an athlete.

Talking to them about it he just had a hard time finding his balance...... it happens.

Kudos to Malanichev for being the baddest man on the planet with his squat, but as far as lifters missing attempts that should have been easy.... It happens. It happens to everyone who competes.
I've come in to meets using the same peaking program and easily hammered weights that should have been my top end. I've also come in to meets and bombed with weights that should have been easy...... and I've been competing at a high level for 10 years on a high level team with one of the best coaches in the world. I've been invited to the Arnold the last 5 and placed 2nd in 2016. I'm far from an amateur so trust me when I say that poo happens in contest - especially when you play with the big weights.


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Mar 6, 2011
Someone else who didn't have things go their way was Chad Wesley Smith. He still managed to total but from what I've read he wasn't happy with his performance.

I know it happens... I'm just surprised b/c I don't remember the last time Eric bombed out of a meet.


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Dec 18, 2015
I just remember reading somewhere that his 1060 in training was over 2 weeks out from the meet...still somewhat a fan of the sport, watching a top 3 lifter fail 3 times is very surprising...shit days are always understandable, but I still feel bad for the guy...he'll easily shake it off...


Oct 28, 2010
Super impressive vids. Kudos to all lifterz! I may be an amatuer pler but I'm old so I see all the little things that make a difference as I can't just psyche my way thru everything. Nonetheless this is for the non pler or those considering it. This is the reality of the sport and for many others as's true for vets and noobs alike although in varying degrees.

You can do everything right, but in most instances:
*you will traveling for a longish period to get to a meet.
*you will be sleeping in a strange bed.
*you may be cutting weight.
*the above can make getting good meals challenging.
*you have anxiety about competing...can work for you or against you.
*if you're a (real)full power athlete you'll be squatting heavy by 10AM...earlier if you're in the first you normally squat heavy at 10AM?
*you'll be doing 9 near mac attempts in one dam day.
*you'll be doing them in a foriegn environment and if you do regional meets like me it's usually some shit hole where the A/C is broke.
*like to wrap your knees well that takes timing...either loose circulation or get red lighted before you hit the platform.
*does the bench have a start command? That can suck if you're not used to it.

I could go one and many dont apply to pros but some do and it's just fate sometimes that you can do your best at will. I usually dont so I plan for that. I dont think a gym PR translates to a meet PR.