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Mar 2, 2012
Would switching to Bold cyp make sense as it clears faster? Just a thought.


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Nov 19, 2018
I’m curious if any females on here have used EQ? I don’t know what to expect from it. I injected 50mg for the first time yesterday. I plan on doing another 50 on Thursday. I just got off my cycle of var about 3 weeks ago. Should I add a small dose of var or run this by itself? I’m still trying to add lean muscle. Im 5’4” and sitting at 174 right now. Im normally 145-150. I gained some good muscle from the var. It was my first ever cycle. I have to admit that towards the end I was taking 50mg of it. I know that’s bad, but I loved the gains and strength so much I was like why the hell not… well, I did see a tiny bit of change in my voice and my face got a little chiseled. Not a ton though. I did start to retain a lot of water though. I know I need to slow down a bit, but it is so addicting. I love how strong I have become. I’m going to take a long break after this cycle.. any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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EQ is a good compound. In later cycles I have used 50mg as well. It is a fun compound. I also have used anavar, winstrol, test p, TREN ACE, Trestoterone (trest also known as ment), EQ, anadrol and more compounds.

I do agree that the muscle gains and strength gains are very addictive. I too find that I do run higher dosage then what most women use.

A good bulking compound that is working well for me with least side effects is TREST 25mg-50mg per day. It is known for dry muscle growth, not so much with strength gains. It works best when stack with other compounds.

Anavar is one of my favorite compounds to use. Some water bloat is normal.

Winstrol will make me bloat at first for a few weeks then suddenly I get very lean and dry. Note: Winstrol is known to make your joints hurt due to drying out your joints.

Tren Ace is stronger and better then winstrol. Tren gives me huge strength gains, lean muscle gains, little to no bloating, does not hurt my joints, more self confidence, more beast mode workouts.


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Jul 23, 2011
EQ gives me insane anxiety, and makes me more hungry than a two headed shark. Oh then there is the blood pressure spike. Cant touch it. Primo, Anavar, Winny, Test is all I have messed with for years. And it been years as the older I have gotten, I have just used test.
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