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    Aug 30, 2017
    New member journal here:

    30 years old
    ~12% bf

    I trained with USAWL in college, played collegiate rugby and tried to compete in Girevoy sport. On the side of my full-time job, I teach yoga and am a strength and conditioning coach (sitting for the CSCS soon). My WL was never consistent, as when I got really heavy my back would give me consistent problems. Since then, my WL has been "casual."

    This week the numbers most concerning to myself have been:

    Front Squat 225 x 8x3, 255 x 5 singles

    Most immediate goals:
    10% body fat
    315lb x 3 Front Squat

    Split I will be running beginning 4 September 2017 for an 8 week cycle, beginning with a 10% deload:

    (it is Texas Method, yoga, and once a week, endurance training)

    Front Squat Volume
    Power Clean 7x2
    Deadlift 1x5

    Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Primary Series (90 minutes)

    Front Squat Recovery @ 80% Monday
    Press 3x5
    Pull-ups 3x5 (weighted) 2x Max BW
    Tabata Intervals x2: Battle Ropes alternating with Sprinter Jumps

    Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Primary Series (90 minutes)

    Front Squat Intensity
    Clean High Pull 5x3 @ 110% Monday
    Tabata Intervals x2: Front Squats alternating with Kettlebell Snatch

    Standing Ab-wheel 3x10 (working to full extension)
    Either Run 10+ kilometers or Cycle 20+ miles

    Iyengar Yoga (90 minutes)

    other tid bits:
    Intermittent fasting 8pm-12pm
    Diet leans heavily toward keto (except when beer is near)

    oh, also, my partner and I just launched this business 2 days ago:

    The strength/yoga center is in the process of being built out.
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  2. Senge

    Senge New Member

    Aug 30, 2017
    Deload week: drop volume and weight by 10-12%


    2x Tabata intervals: 53lb KB snatch @ 8reps per interval = 128 reps
    @ 10 minutes (20 seconds on/ 10 seconds off x 8; 2 minute rest; repeat)

    (This was personal best for total reps in Tabata interval snatch, actually. I tore off a callous to prove it... in girevoy comp I hit over 160 reps consistently, sometime nearing 180 with the 53lb bell. However, with the Tabata interval setup I do, there is a 2 minute rest between sets. So, 128 reps in 5:33 of total time working ain't too bad)

    Broad Jumps 5x5
    Jump Tucks 5x10
    Power Skips 3 x 40 yards
    Bounding 3 x 40 yards
    Sprint/False Starts 3 x 40 yards

    Monday: Volume:

    Front Squat 205 x 5, 5, 4, 4, 4, 4
    Deadlift 315 1x5 (first time DLing in years due to chronic back issues)

    Tabata intervals x1: Front Squat 115 (4 sets of 6; 4 sets of 5)

    Standing Ab Wheel 1x20 (working towards full extension. with kneeling ab wheel roll-outs I can do 100 full extension, pretty easily)


    Staff meeting went late by about 30 minutes... so I favored whiskey and beer over yoga. Meh... I just moved into a new house and have shit to do there. Also, am real sore from the DLs... its been too long...

    As such, being in a new home, I am gonna get me a home gym. I have a yoga room, but the garage beckons a rack and weight. I have a decent rack of pro-grade KBs, but a rack needs to happen. I am tired of the 15 minute commute to the gym. So, gonna drop almost 2 Gs at rogue for some shiny new shit.


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