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    Nov 8, 2010
    New to this site but not new to lifting. Here is a little background.

    Trained while in college and after from about 1984 till 1996. There was some progress but I tended to get strong but size was slow. Best was about 1991, 5ft 2in tall, 143 lbs @ 11%bf. In 1997 started to eat much more junk food and started laying off a tad. By 2000 I was getting overfat.

    By mid 2003 I was 205. I decided to loose weight. I cut back my eating, started walking everyday. By may of 04, I was 150lbs. I eased up on my restrictions and started weight training lightly. Over the next year I gained up to 170 with only a little muscle added. Decided that was a bad idea. I cut back to 165 and held a bit. My nutrition was crappy at best. Restricted calories, ate junk and good food too.

    I tore my bicep tendon at the elbow in 2005. It was not related to weight training though. I had surgery and had to lay off training for about 9 months. I only gained 3 pounds during that time, but my waist grew by about an inch. Once the arm was healed, I started training again.

    Jan 2009 I decided to get nutrition under control and start training better using some predesigned workouts. I hit 135lbs by summer 2009 to cut BF. Based on weight and tape measures and calculations I was at 13%Bf.

    By early fall 2009 I decided to bulk to add muscle. Ive been eating a surplus and doing various training programs. HST, Chad Waterbury, some custom designs as well. Im well over 15%bf though so im bummed. The chad waterbury hypertrophy program let me know that I dont recover as needed to do well on that. My latest program is a program I designed. 3 day per week full body. Hit each muscle group 3 times during the week using reps of 8 to 12 and either 1 or 2 work sets. I am learning what each group takes to be fully worked. Chest Bench for instance I can hit 100% or close to it in one set. Cable lat pulldown needs 2 sets though.

    Height 5'2" legs a little short for my torso
    BF est. 15% via wrist, waist, hip, forearm measure plugged into an online calculator.
    Date weight neck chest waist bicep forearm thigh calf wrist
    11/2003 205 46+
    11/2004 150 (had bf measured via caliper at free health screening to be 16%)
    10/2006 165 15 40 42 14 12 6.5
    7/2008 150 39 38 14.5 11.5 22.5
    11/2008 142 14.5 39 36 14.5 12
    3/2009 138 14 38 36 14 12 21 14 6.5
    4/2009 138 14 38 35.5 14 12 21 14 6.5
    5/18/09 137 14.5 38 35 14 12 22 14 6.5

    11/15/10 158 14.5 39.5 38 14 1/8 12 23 ?? 6.5

    Next entry will include my training and nutrition.
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    Nov 8, 2010
    Notice the lifts from june and then aug. with aug being 5lbs heavier in BW

    (Body weight 150lbs, june 7 2010) (bodyweight 155lbs Aug 8 2010)
    squat 205x5x1 205x4x1 205x5x3
    RDL 205x5x2 205x5x3
    shrug 205x6x3 alt grip 205x5x3
    bench 195x5x2 195x5x3
    DBOHP 35x5x2 35x5x3
    Chins BW x5x2 BWx5x3

    Diet has not been the best though. Its been dirty calories. Will clean it up much. Go with a 40, 30, 30 ratio of carbs, protein, fat and get 2000 to 2100 cal on workout days and 1800 to 1900 on non workout days. 5 to 6 meals per day plus PWO on workout days. Each meal will be whole food and have lean meat protein, starchy carb, Fibrous carb and some form of EFA. I will add HIIT during the daytime on workout days only. Non workout days will be rest or light walking.

    I have been omitting the carbs in my PWO shake to aid in keeping the fat burning process going after my workout. I think I will add it back since its stupid to omit those carbs and then eat dirty junk at other times. I will go clean except for the PWO carbs in my protein shake. Id like to use banana and strawberry. SOme use dextros and maltodextrine I think. I will look into this.

    Sups I will use:
    Fish oil 9+ grams
    B complex
    Zinc, mag, calcium tablet
    multi vit
    BCAA before and after workout and HIIT
    Whey protein (only PWO)
    Casien protein (sometimes before bed, other times use real food)
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    Nov 8, 2010
    Im not tracking what I eat too well. Breakfast and the three meals during the day are for the most part going well though. Keeping to clean complete meals of about 40 to 45% carb, 30% protein and fat. In between meals, dinner and after dinner get a bit dirty. I have hit the kit kat bag a bit hard here and there. Mayo on a sandwich taste good. Im getting somewhere around 2300 to 2500 cal I believe. I have not tracked fitday very good so I don't know for sure.

    Some weights as of now are that Im 158 to 160 lbs. Im sure im 20 to 22% BF. There is more BF than there was in July and Aug. I can tell you that. Size 33 waist pants are getting quite tight and my belly fat roll at last check was 38" or so. I carry most fat there.

    I had been doing a Chad waterbury hypertrophy program. I liked it but the 3 day full body with 2 sets one week and 3 the next was killing me. Recovery was slow so I started over reaching and had to take time off. I stuck it out for the program though taking a total of 2 weeks off during the course of the program just to stay in the game.

    Now I have been doing a mix of 2 day a week training with 2 to 3 sets and a 3 day a week with 1 100% all out work set per bodypart. All sets are in the 8 to 11 rep range. Im trying to hone my ability to go 100% intensity in one set. Takes practice.

    Current lift poundages x reps:

    Dead Lift: 225x6
    squat: 190x8
    RDL 185x8
    Pulldown 100x11 Cable lat pulldown to sternum
    DBBP 55x11
    DBOP 35x11
    DB Curl 20x11 seated, strict tendon has pain in right. Limits.
    T presdwn 60x8 stand tricep pressdown with rope 40lbs plates, 20lbs plate carrier
    DB shrug 55x20

    I have seen my lats develop better over this past year. T bar rows do them well as do pulldowns with the cable strict and touch the sternum. My triceps have grown well in the past month. Rope extensions have done wonders for triceps. Im getting more peak on bicep by doing a close grip curl focusing on the outer head. Getting pain in tendon though on right arm.
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    Nov 8, 2010
    this past sundays workout Day 1

    DL 225x7x1 100% all out
    RDL 110x10x2
    SL Calf raise BW+35x10x2
    Cable lat pull 110x10x1(too heavy cheat too much) 100x10x1
    DBBP 55x15x1 100% all out
    DBOHP 35x10x1
    Rope tricep pulldown 40x10x1
    rev DB curl 10x15x1

    Nutrition sunday was not the best but had a post workout drink of whey and banana.

    Im still getting pretty much a 40 30 30 C P F macro ratio give or take a few for most all meals and hit between 2200 and 2500 calories during each day. Monday nutrition was good until dinner. Had some steak but had a bread roll and a pasta thing with brocolli Then to top all that off I had about 3 handfulls of peanut M&Ms. I should have left the M&Ms off I know. Thats why I cant seem to start this cut.

    measures of this morning are:
    62" tall
    hips 40"
    waist at BB 39"
    chest 40"
    forearm 12.5"
    neck 15.5"

    I need to get this cut going.
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    Nov 8, 2010
    I dunno about a cut. I do need to cut some fat off my waist. It collects like a tube around me. Love handle like crazy. I put on a shirt this morning and all I could feel was that tube around my waist. Drives me crazy.

    I think a recomp will better suit my needs. get me to between 15% and 10% or reduce this roll by a few inches at least. Since I have been in a caloric surplus and maintanance since August of 2009 I dont need to be shirtless ready untill April So I can start leaning slow.

    here is workout two of this week:
    squat 185x10x1 all out 100% intensity
    RDL 175x8x2
    single L calf raise bw+35x10x2
    tbar row 100x10x2
    DBBP 55x10x1 slight incline
    lateral raise 15x10x2
    cable isolation curl 5x10x2 lat pulldown plate carrier adds unknown weight
    tricep ext with rope 40x10x1

    Notice some lifts I do two sets for. Those are ones that I dont feel like ive hit 100% intensity with one set.

    I may need to chenge up workouts soon to include more volume. I will see.
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    Nov 8, 2010
    Maybe not add volume. I read about DC training. Looking into that!
  7. earthbuddy

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    Nov 8, 2010
    Took the night off from the third workout. Too tired. Will rest up and begin a new program on Sunday.
  8. earthbuddy

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    Nov 8, 2010
    Nutrition pretty much shakes up like this:

    breakfast: Natty peanut butter or almond butter or egg (have to watch cholesterol)
    wheat toast
    Kashi Go lean cereal
    ON protein powder 1/2

    Meal 1 Chicken or fish
    brown rice or Quiona or potato
    green beans or broccoli or peppers

    meal 2 same as 1
    meal 3 same as 1

    dinner 4 to 5 oz meat
    1/4 to 1/2 cup rice, or pasta or potato or some other starchy carb
    1/2 to 1 cup fibrous veggie

    Here is where I may end up with a snack. Sometimes natty PB

    PWO shake banana strawberry whey smoothie (only on work out nights currently 3 times week)

    taking in between 2200 and 2500 calories per day with about a 40-45 Carb, 25-35 fat, 25 -30 protein. I try to get close to 40 30 30. I went for a true 45 30 25 C F P for a bit after July but feel like I have added fat.

    Taking tape measures and running through a calculation I come up with 158lb at 19% bf. At a year and a half ago with the same procedures I come up with 135lb at 13.5% BF taking in about 1600 calories but with less carb in about the 30 to 35% range and fats in the 30 to 35% range and rest in protein.
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    Nov 8, 2010
    Dec 17
    needed to update. Currently in an ABA BAB type workout. A=upper body B= lower 3 total workouts per week so one week I hit upper twice and lower once. next week I get lower twice, upper once. I do 2 sets very strict with 9 to 12 reps.

    I can feel some muscles really get worked good with 2 sets since I hit 100% intensity, or very close to it for both sets. other muscles, I do not feel as well so I think I man need more volume or change something about them to up intensity.

    Diet is still unknown really since I have not been tracking. Its not all over the place though from breakfast on to dinner, but dinner and after get confusing.

    latest ABA workout has been as follows:

    lat cable pulldown 85x12x2 very strict
    straightarm cable pullover 20x12x1
    DB bench press 55x10x2
    bentover lateral raise 10x10x2
    rope tricep ext 40x10x2
    DB curl 20x11x2

    squat 185x10x2 feet shoulder width
    RDL 135x12x2
    single leg calf raise bodyweight+20lbs x12x2

    Tbar row 100x9x2
    straight arm cable pullover 30x12x2
    Dips BWx12x2
    lateral raise 10x12x2 strict only slight bend in elbow
    DB curl 20x12x2
    DB rev curl 10x12x2
    DB wrist curl 20x12x2
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    Dec 4, 2010
    Very detailed log. Keep up the good work.
  11. earthbuddy

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    Nov 8, 2010
    Guess its been longer than I thought. Got a cold there the week before christmas and kept it for 3 weeks. I opted to do a 2 week off to rest and recoup. Ended up taking 3 off. Enjoyed some food, family and rest. Im back at it now. First week I took it easy to get in the swing. Im in the third week back now.

    Current routine is like before. 3 times per week split lower body plus traps=B on one day, upper body minus traps=A on next workout day. ABA then BAB then ABA then BAB covers 4 weeks. Only difference now is that im doing 3 sets of 8 instead of 2 sets of 10. I will start to mix it up a tad either next week or starting the 5th week. I am also adding steady state cardio again. Past year I have held off my cardio but I really believe that for me, my system goes south too fast and easy to not keep it in my routine all the time. I started with 2 times per week. last week I did 3 times per week. I may hold 3 times per week.

    Nutrition was not great during time off. Im 5ft 2in tall and was eating to gain over the past year plus. Im now 160lbs but added too much BF. I had finished a cut summer of 09 and hit 135 at 13%bf. I was losing muscle due to being on a cut for over a year and dropping carbs a lot and for a long time, (lost 45 lbs on that cut) so I decided to mild bulk and start really working various training programs to gain some muscle. Im starting a cut and plan to be 145 by April 1. My desire will be to go from about 18 to 20%BF where I am now to 10% at 145 if all goes well. If I can spare 100% muscle, I might do it.

    My progressive nutrition will be as follows: Few days this week very low carb higher protein and fat. rest of week will be moderate carb (no more than 35%). I find that I cant do without carb and feel good getting at least 30% and can cut if I alternate between 30 to 38% carb. I may can maintain if I hit 40% carb. I did just that this summer however I was already at 17% anyway so if I make it to 10%, I see no reason why I cant maintain at 40% carb. if I stay spot on clean. My downfall will be the sweets I love. At 40% carb and a high maintanance level of calorie intake to allow a little muscle growth, if I indulge, it takes me over the edge and I put fat on fast. For the remaining weeks during my cut I think I will cycle carbs. Have say 30 to 35% non workout days and around 40% workout days.

    Current stats:
    weight 160
    height 5'2" male (not going to change)
    Age 45
    waist 39
    hips 40
    thigh 24
    chest 39
    forearm 12
    bicep 14.25 flex
    neck 14.75
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    Nov 8, 2010
    Last weeks workout and this weeks so far.

    jan 16 Day 1 lower body:
    skipped lower workout due to lots of tree cutting and carrying trunks. Had to squat and walk with weight a lot.

    jan 18 Day 2 Upper body:
    t bar row 100x8x3
    DBBP 55x8x2 55x7x1
    DBOHP 35x8x1 35x7x1 20x10x1
    bent over lateral raise 10x15x1
    rope tricep pulldown 40x8x2
    incline DB curl 22.5x8x3
    cable reverse curl 10x10x3

    Day 3 lower body:
    felt really energetic this workout. Focused, intense, good. Had tea (caffeine) 2 hrs before with dinner.
    squat 185x8x3
    RDL 165x8x3
    shrug 165x9x3
    calf raise both same time BWx20x3

    This weeks work out:
    Sunday Day 1 Upper body:
    Lat cable pulldown wide grip 100x8x3
    Lat cable pulldown neutral close grip 100x8x1
    Lat cable overhead pullover 30x8x1

    DBBP 55x8x2
    DB lateral raise 15x8x3 tad heavy
    tricep rope pulldown 40x8x3
    cable double bicep curl 30x8x3
    DB hammer curl 15x10x2

    Nutrition has been carb cycleing. had carbs up till last monday. Then tues was no carb, wed no carb, thur no carb except a little at dinner. Friday was a low carb day. Saturday was mod carb day. Sun was moderate carb. Mon (today) is a very low carb day.

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