DS Craze tests positive for designer amphetamines

Discussion in 'Diet and Nutrition' started by macgyver, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. macgyver

    macgyver TID Board Of Directors

    Nov 24, 2011



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  2. Go Away

    Go Away TID Board Of Directors

    Dec 28, 2011
    Time to stock up and become an elite eBay-er.
  3. Kosher Fried

    Kosher Fried VIP Member

    Mar 7, 2011
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  4. GiantSlayer

    GiantSlayer TID Board Of Directors

    Jan 27, 2013
    Been using Craze for about 8 months. I combine 1 scoop craze with 1 scoop hemovol. This is the best stimulant/pump combo ever. There was a class action lawsuit quite some time ago. If the other companies are brave enough to copy this compound, then it will be the next to get banned for sure. There is also some good stuff in dexaprine. dexaprine is not quite as speedy as craze but its way more thermogenic. Sort of a clen feeling to it.
  5. ItalianMuscle

    ItalianMuscle Drama Queen senior Vip

    Sep 1, 2010
    Redline syrup by VPX is no longer being made either, I think for the same stimulant. Cant find it anywhere..
  6. macgyver

    macgyver TID Board Of Directors

    Nov 24, 2011
    Here is what Patrick Arnold had to say about it when the Aussies and Swedes first found it: (now it has been found by an independent 3rd party)

    These third party tests are another finding further eroding DS's claims that the samples that failed were "counterfeit copies" that had been tampered with.

    This was posted on Patrick Arnolds blog Apr 9th

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  7. macgyver

    macgyver TID Board Of Directors

    Nov 24, 2011
    I have a few tubs lying around because I never made it through the first. I liked the high, but I found myself in bed 10-12 hrs after taking it with my heart pounding out of my chest. I got up and measured my HR at 120BPM....10-12 hrs after taking a min dose. (and I am very stim tolerant). I can jump right into a 3x per day EC stack with no issue. This stuff is totally different.
  8. Warrior45

    Warrior45 TID Board Of Directors

    Nov 9, 2012
    LOL....wouldn't surprise me at all. There are only a few guys here, like Basskiller, that will even know what I am talking about. DS has ALWAYS pushed the envelope when it comes to their supps. They have always been the first to market with cutting edge products that raise the bar.
  9. slicwilly2000

    slicwilly2000 VIP Member

    Sep 14, 2010
    I knew there was a reason I liked that stuff.

  10. PillarofBalance

    PillarofBalance Strength Pimp Staff Member

    Feb 27, 2011
    This doesn't happen with my pre workout of choice...
  11. sityslicker1

    sityslicker1 TID Board Of Directors

    Oct 6, 2010
    Got an email for a supplement company today saying that they were going to quite selling it. I thought this formula got reformulated after a law suit in 2012? Maybe it was all rumors..but their are quite a bit of recent reviews saying it doesn't have the same effect. Honestly I have no idea, who has used any recent batches?
  12. FLBB89

    FLBB89 MuscleHead

    May 27, 2013
    While Craze has probably been the best pre workout supplement I have used regarding focus and energy in the workout, it also gives me a fair bit of unpleasant amphetamine-like side effects. At 2 scoops, I find my appetite is supressed all day long, I feel very headachey and agitated and I find myself grinding my teeth. This lasts HOURS after my workout.

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