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Drews 6 set bicep/tricep blast



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Dec 3, 2010
A lot of bro's in the gym will ask me what I do for an arm workout and honestly I say the same thing everytime "squats and deadlifts" and they most all have the same perplexed look....but its true I never got serious definition and the peak before making the squat and dead a staple of my routine.
But here is my routine that ill throw in training schedule during the prep/cutting phase before a show.

seated db curls 10-12 reps

e-z bar preacher curls-slow and concentrated on the negative

cable curls w/straight bar-heavy concentration on the neg rep

single arm curls w/d-ring full extension cable coming from behind you elbow in and rigid no movement

alt. DB Pinnwheels-these are often neglected but important for girth,cant forget about the brachi

alt. DB Hammers-mind to muscle squeeze on the contraction


Cable Tri-rope pull downs-moderate weight were you can get full movement and pull the rope apart.

Single arm D-ring tri pull downs-elbow is tucked close with little movement of upper arm.

Straight bar tri push down-Load up the weight on this movement its ok even if you cheat.

Bench rolling DB extensions-Laying flat on my back I use 45lbs db full extension coming all the way down and almost roll them back over my shoulders

Bench E-Z bar skull crushers-always controlling the neg rep and full contraction on the peak of the movement

Bench dip-body weight burn out


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Dec 9, 2010
nice drew i'll throw one in there that blasted me past 18" and onto 20's back in the day weighted chin ups full stretch i put alot of my guys/gals thru a few weeks of this and the growth is crazy if u cant do 3 sets of 12 then ur bi's are in bad shape but dont over do the arm workout 5-8 sets tops on bi's imho