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Does Injectable Anadrol Work?



Aug 11, 2010
Injectable Anadrol Enanthate
by Anthony Roberts

Recently, there has been talk on various steroid discussion forums of an injectable version of Anadrol (Oxymetholone) being produced by couple of underground labs. This type of thing has been rumored for years, actually – although it’s being discussed quite heavily right now (again). Unfortunately, while there are a lot of questions about the product, there are few answers - and although I commend the various mods and members of different sites for trying to answer questions about the product, they’re…well, putting it politely, they’re very uninformed.

When I first heard of this idea, I thought it was kind stupid. I was right, and if you believe me and just take my word for it, you can stop reading right now. For those who don’t believe me, you can keep reading…(as it takes me 2 full pages to explain why injectable Anadrol is not good, and at the same time, why the people who are trying to answer that question on this forum just aren’t able to get it quite right).

One of the reasons that oral steroids are so potent is that they pass through the liver, and not directly into the bloodstream…the best example of this is Dianabol versus Equipoise.

If you weren’t aware, Dianabol (methandrostenolone) and Equipoise (a/k/a EQ or Boldenone Undeclynate) have basically the same parent hormone – testosterone with an additional bond between the 1 and 2 positioned carbons. (For a longer discussion on this general topic, check this blog post from me, where I explain all about steroid nomenclature)

The extra carbon-carbon double bond increases appetite and glucose uptake into muscle cells, and the methyl group (CH3) at position 17 is what allows Dianabol to survive oral ingestion as a pill…but by putting the CH3 at the 17th position, it’s now both orally active and liver toxic. The CH3 also tells us that even though less of the drug is being converted to estrogen, what little is converted will actually turn out to be a stronger type of estrogen (yes, Virginia, there are different types of estrogen).

In contrast, while EQ has the same double-double bond (also making it notorious for appetite stimulation and glucose uptake),it is injectable, and therefore lacks the CH3 of Dianabol, and that’s why we get less water retention from it (i.e. from the estrogen it converts to). Instead of the CH3, it has a fatty acid chain, called an ester, attached to it. This is important, since Equipoise is an injectable, and adding the fatty chain to it delays its release into the blood stream.

In the real world, EQ is known for having very little mass gaining ability and is considered by many to be a cutting drug. Dianabol is known for the exact opposite. So you see, when we compare a drug in oral (methylated) form versus injectable (esterfied),we have vastly different effects. If you’ve had the opportunity to take both drugs, imagine taking 10 tabs of Dianabol a day (50mgs, of original strength Dianabol) versus 50mgs of EQ a day (350mgs/week). The difference would be huge, right?

Now, when we compare Winstrol Injectable versus Oral, there are some clear differences, but in this case we’re talking about exactly the same compound, being administered in two different routes. Anadrol made into an injectable liquid (as-is without “adding an ester”),would likely have a different properties than the oral, but most people probably wouldn’t really notice them. Also, there is a Dianabol injectable sold on the market, but it’s just good old methandrostenolone in a suspension form. You could, conceivably do this with Anadrol (but that wouldn’t be Anadrol Enanthate)
So what about the infamous “Anadrol Enanthate”? Well, no powder suppliers currently carry Oxymetholone (Anadrol) without a 17th position methylation. So the person making “Anadrol Enanthate” would need to add an ester to an already methylated oral steroid. This would be extremely difficult – especially for an underground lab to do in their double wide trailer’s bathroom.

The 17-methyl group present on all commercially available oxymetholone preparations would interfere with the material needed to make the ester react with the steroid. In other words, actually attaching the ester would be very difficult, and especially for a 50mgs/ml (or higher) dose. Chemically, this is going to remain well beyond the abilities of 99% of the underground labs out there. I suppose they can try removing the 17-methyl group, then adding the ester, but again, we’re talking about something that would need to be done by a real chemist, in a real lab, and even then…I doubt anyone out there is doing this.

And when you remove the 17-methyl group, what would be left is simply Dihydrotestosterone with a 2-hydroxymethylene addition…it would be a decent injectable, but is it realistic to think that someone out there is actually removing the 17-methyl group, then adding an ester? No. Most likely, they’re trying to add an ester to straight oxymetholone…which wouldn’t work…because…

And, finally, the 17-methyl would also partially (or even fully in some cases) block enzymes (esterases) in the body from cleaving off the ester. If the body can not remove the ester, then there will be no active compound in the blood. So what you would be left with is going to be very weak when compared to the oral version (remember my EQ/Dianabol analogy?),or simply inactive. This would be the case with 90% of the orals we have on the market, including Winstrol (yes, Winstrol Enanthate would probably not work either for the same reasons I just gave).

The best case scenario is making a liquid suspension of Anadrol (as we see in the case of legitimate injectable Winstrol and Dianabol),which would likely offer no huge benefit (for the most part) over taking it orally.

Injectable Anadrol? No thanks.


Friends Remembered
Oct 11, 2010
A-Roberts is silly.

A-drol inject-able has been done just fine with carriers like Castor-oil and such.


TID Board Of Directors
Sep 30, 2011
An Anthony Roberts post are you f u cking kidding me:homo:


Bangs Raiden's mom VIP
Jan 3, 2011
Anthony Roberts anadrol enanthate, we should have all stopped reading at those two items alone.