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Do’s and Don’ts First Time Cycle



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Feb 15, 2013
Here is a vid from someone i follow on instagram.

Her do’s and don’ts for a woman's FIRST CYCLE, in my words from the vid:

-Don't use more than one compound at once.

-Don't start with male doses. Do not use the same amount that your boyfriend/husband/significant other that is male is doing!!!

-Do not use for first time cycles:
  • Testosterone
  • Tren
  • NPP
stay away from injectibles for first cycle.

-Don't start first cycle for longer than 10 weeks.

-Do your research!

-Do make a list of side effects you are willing to live for life. Write it down before doing any compounds.

-Do start with the most mild/least androgenic compound. For instance, anavar. Just be sure it is the real thing, and not fake. You can get testing kits.

-Do get blood work before/during and after.

-Do take all health supplements to protect your liver, heart. She talks about a PDF downloadable file, but i cannot locate.

-Do always start with the lowest dose possible. For instance, with Anavar, start with 5mg AM, and 5mg PM. Do that for 2 weeks, if not noticing anything, can increase dose to say 10mg AM and 10mg PM. Otherwise stay at that dose.

-Do take time off. Time off duration=time on cycle duration. For instance, if do a 10 week cycle, take 10 weeks off.
If use year round, receptors get fried and would need to keep increasing doses, putting at risk for more side effects. Take the time off to clear your receptors to make your body use the next dose as efficiently as possible.

My comments:
I pretty much agree with her on all accounts as for feedback on a woman's first cycle. She is taking a very nice approach for women and is coming out and educating more women about this taboo subject.
Again, she is talking about a woman's FIRST CYCLE.

She also talks about when you do a bodybuilding show and get the competition goggles on, that you don't realize what you are doing to your body. Meaning, someone can get caught up in doing more/wanna get bigger and do whatever it takes. Before you know it, your voice is deep and you have high blood pressure or what not. Again, these are my words and I can totally see that. Or if some woman has a coach that pushes doses on you or something.

For my first cycle, I pretty much did everything above, except make a list of sides I would not compromise on.

In summary, she is taking a very conservative approach in PED use for women. Good first time advice to abide by.

Just wanted to share for women out there....


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Aug 3, 2017
Nice job Bova,
All I got to add is, you can start anavar 5mg/day (2,5mg AM and 2,5mg PM). Just to get the feeling how you dealing with the sides.