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Jul 16, 2018
Greetings everyone, I have decidec to share my personal DNP log. I have been keeping it since the start and just got chance to share it. So here it goes.

29 Years Old
1,94 Height
98 kg weight
Around %18 bf.
I'm skinny fat as fuck.

Daily macro target:
Eating times:
8am / 1pm / 5pm / 9pm
2000 cals, clean as much as possible.
200g protein, 150g carbs, 50g fat.

Current cycle :
500 test prop, 300 tren ace. /weekly.

Daily supplements :

T3 25mg (consumed right after waking up and waiting 30min before eating anything)
50mg zinc
500mg magnesium
1000mg vitamin C
800mg vitamin e
New life artichoke & taraxacum
Ligone milk thistle complex
Ocean plus omega 3
Melatonin 3mg
NitroTech Isolate Protein x 2
(this have lots of supplements in it)
4 cups of green tea daily.

Use when necessary:
Ephedrine 10mg
Caffeine 200mg
Aspirin 50mg

Note : I'm drinking water whenever I feel thristy and I'm spending my day/night with airconditioner or a fan at least.

3 days prior to start :
Carb deplation phase started. Not eating any carbs.
1 day before the start:
High carb meal as the last meal of the day to create insulin spike as suggested by many.

DNP Start:
Day 1 :

150mg capsule taken after the breakfast.
2nd chest day of the week.
Everything is normal, nothing to report.
Day 2 :
150 mg consumed.
Light cardio at home, rest day.
Everything is normal, nothing to report.
Day 3 :
150mg consumed.
Arms day.
I'm sweating more then usual and needed much more water while working out.
No other side effects, no heat waves after meals or anything.
Another 150mg consumed at 5pm.
I slept like a baby.
Day 4:
I honestly didnt want to wake up today. Felt so damn happy in my bed and just wanted to stay in it all day long.
That didnt happened.. 150mg consumed.
Lethargy is somewhat here, I poped my ECA stack as I felt like I need it.
Heat is barely noticeable. Airconditioner helps I guess.
Chest day.
Need more water then general and sweating more while workout.
Another 150mg consumed.
Falling sleep took sometime, sweating was normal tho.
Day 5 :
Woke up normally, felt good actually.
300mg consumed, around noon that good feelig is gone.
I poped my ECA stack for my leg day. I guess ECA is going to be routine now from the looks of it.
I'm pretty sure I have read somewhere that I could skip leg days while on DNP, I should have listened to it..
Jesus this was the hardest workout in my life. Thought I keep saying this after my every leg workout so nothing new here.
However I felt accomplished after I finished it, so thats something!
Lethargy is here sure but honestly, It's very manageable. Only heat I feel is after each meal and Its also very easy to handle.
So far so good! But I'm craving carbs, really really bad.
Ate some watermelon, yummy. Still in macro range.
150 mg consumed.
Sleep took some time again but slept like a baby.
Day 6 :
Woke up pretty normal other then needing a ton of water. I felt like I havent drunk any water for a long time.
300 mg consumed.
I guess having air conditioner or a fan pointed at me at all times really does help becouse I don't feel the heat.
Even after meals its very little.
Lethargy is here as well but still at very manageable levels. I didn't feel like taking ECA today at all.
Done light cardio at home.
150 mg consumed.
Carb cravings are getting worse. This is the only side effect that is testing my limits at the moment. I'm barely noticing any other side effects.
Anyway watermelon time again!
Falling sleep took some time again but slept well afterwards..

At the moment I'm at day 7!
I will update at the end of the day.
Lizard King

Lizard King

Staff Member
Sep 9, 2010
Keep it up, craving carbs is a good sign..


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Jul 16, 2018
Day 7 :
Woke up pretty normal, just need water, lots of it.
300 mg consumed. Since the sides are manageable I'm planning to up the dose once again and keep it there.
The smell of my piss is the worsrt thing I have ever smelled.. Jesus I heard about this but wasnt expecting it to be this bad. This is the first day I'm realizing it.
Shoulder workout today, was planning for a massive workout since I have not seen any progress for sometime now and was planning to shock my shoulders.
11 Move in total, 2 super set and 1 giant set in it. I'm done after the 7th move, only able t do 1 of the supersets. I got too tired and gave up. I feel no shame :p
I sweat a lot more then my usual self as expected but heat is still very very manageable. Lethargy is there for sure but apart from the workout, again its very manageable.
No ECA today either.
Another 300mg consumed.
I didnt feel sleepy at all so I took an extra melatonin, knocked me out pretty bad. Slept like a baby...

At this point I'm at 600mg daily.And like I said the sides are very easy to manage.
However I'm not planning to increase dosage since It could be building up in my body still...
If I didnt have a friend who is using the same product as I do at the moment and having the sides really bad, I would have started the question the legitimacy of the product but I know its real.
I guess I have high tolerance or it just takes longer to build in my body, I guess we will see...
So far I'm not really noticing any changes in my body or maybe I'm realizing it.
So day 8 here I come...


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Jul 16, 2018
any difference in your weight?
Around 1,5 kg and that it. I might be holding water tho. Its always said DNP effects will show after 5 days from your last dose. Im counting on that..Becouse so far I dont see any changes a t all..

Day 8 :
Waking up was a chore today. Maybe its melatonins or maybe its lethargy but I didnt want to get out of bed at all.. It could be all from trensomnia as well.
Got up, drunk like a liter of water and slept for extra 2 hours...
Finaly managed to woke up and 300mg consumed.
Heat is managable all day, no problems there.
Feeling a bit tired so just poped ECA.
Back workout day. Im sweating like hell and drinking water nonstop. Carb cravings are getting intense. Seriously.
I couldnt complate full back workout. My back was hurting a lot so I added some core exercises to make up for that.
Barely managed to finish workout and I went to cold shower and rested there for like 10 minutes to cool off. This is the very first time I'm sweating and feeling the heet at this rate.
300mg consumed at night.
Not feeling sleeply at all, melatonin didnt helped either. Had to force myself to sleep. Took around 1 or 2 hours before I actually felt sleep I believe...


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Staff Member
Dec 25, 2010
It's going to be a couple of days before the 600mg/day reaches peak levels and stabilizes. You will be hot and uncomfortable. Quite frankly, I don't see the point. Drop down to 200-300mg/day and go nice and slow. Slow and steady wins the race, IMO. Be the tortoise, not the hare. The prop/tren along with keto diet and DNP will give the results you want. I see no need to push the DNP hard.

Nevertheless, I appreciate you providing the detailed log. Good luck.


TID Board Of Directors
Aug 27, 2010
It's going to be a couple of days before the 600mg/day reaches peak levels and stabilizes. You will be hot and uncomfortable. Quite frankly, I don't see the point. Drop down to 200-300mg/day and go nice and slow. Slow and steady wins the race, IMO. Be the tortoise, not the hare. The prop/tren along with keto diet and DNP will give the results you want. I see no need to push the DNP hard.

Nevertheless, I appreciate you providing the detailed log. Good luck.

Yes, agreed. Good advice! I had good results with a conservative dose of DNP per day and much less sides. Running it this way enables you to continue training hard and keeps motivation strong. DNP over 400mg per day made me extremely lethargic.


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Jul 16, 2018
Day 9:
Woke up quiet tired, didnt want to wake up at all. Only reason I got off the bed is becouse I wanted water and finished the bottle next to me already.
300 mg consumed.
Heat and nightsweats are pretty much none existant for me. Even after meals, heat is very manageable.
Lethargy is mostly in the mornings and Its gone after my meal & morning coffee.
Popped ECA, might not needed but still did.
Arms & Full core workout today. Phew.. Barely managed to get it done. Arms was easy enough but core was painful. I want to give up at every set but managed to find the strength to get it done. One of those proud moments lol.
Carb cravings are off the chart today, I'm barely holding it together. Going to a burger hutt with friends didnt help my situation either. However I managed to hold it together until I got home. Stuffed my face into watermelon and that seems to have done the trick.
300 mg consumed again.
Felt sleep rather easy, thanks to double melatonin.

Day 10:
Woke up feeling great. Thats a suprise.
I normally always looked forward to breakfasts since I do love them eggs but today I felt like I didnt want to eat anything. I kinda force fed myself for the damn proteins lol.
300mg consumed, popped ECA for the chest workout.
I have decided to try something new my chest workout.
I actually copied the workout from Abel Albonetti, was looking forward to try it for a long time and wasnt sure If I can fully manage it.
I realize now It might not be the best time to try it out but well thats too late now. Done it anyway. And managed to finish it! Hurts so much tho, having cramps in my chest all day after the workout. Sweating was off the chart as it suppose to be I guess. I'm used to it and it doesnt reallty bother me. However do shower with your deodorant, like literally. Forget about others! Your own smell can make you sick lol.
I checked my weight and I'm 94kg atm. Im still holding water tho but still wanted to see how I'm doing.
300 mg consumed.
Im feeling rather good apart from chest cramps but very very hungry. I actually decided to eat a little bi more today. Protein pancakes! Not sure if it was the best idea but yeah...
I felt a little hot going to sleep, thanks to my pancakes I guess, other then that felt sleep quiet well...

No-DNP Day 1 ( Day 11 ):
Woken up by a phone call. Work. Have to go to a different city and will be out in the open most of the time. I guess I cannot resume my dnp cycle. Maybe I could but dont want something bad to happen so I'm calling quits...
I'm actually feeling very tired. Even after my coffee and everything. DNP is still in my system so Its normal I guess.
Popped ECA, long drive a ahead.
I'm following my standart diet that I have done in dnp still. Carb cravings is still here.
Drove like 900km today and came to my hotel, done some light cardio.
Holy fuck this nightsweating today. I' have quiet dnp and I'm getting nightsweats today? Seriously.. Does this mean DNP just actually finally built up?
I really had a hard time falling sleep...

No-DNP Day 2:
Waking up is very very hard today, felt like I have been hit by a truck. If I didnt had work to do, I would really just go back to sleep, felt like I dont have to will to continue my day.
Since I have to work and everything I'm calling this off day. Popped ECA so I can function normally.
Lethargy is there %100 today. Heatwaves comes after meals. Otherwise Its manageable.
I'm thinking DNP is actually builtup around day 10 for me. I have to keep that in mind for my next cycle.
Checked my weight today again, 92kg.
Carb cravings are getting back to manageable levels. I'm not looking at everything like I want to stuff my face with them.
Nigthsweat is there but manageable levels.
Slept quiet normal other than that...

Sorry for delayed update. I didnt have connection for a day then I got called from work to a different city and was on the road since. This was unexpected so I had to cut my cycle short. But still managed to log my last 2 days and after days.

And Yes I will take your advice for the next cycle for sure, I believe it wook wooping 10 days to build up for me. Funny I actually felt the worst side affects right after I stopped taking it lol. Wasnt expecting that honestly but hey It was a experiance and next time will be better hopefully.
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