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Oct 9, 2022
I have a 25 page journal on a videogame quitting website that I’ve worked on for 6 years, but it’s time for something new. Mainly because I haven’t been interested in quitting video games for quite a few years now, and also because I want to be in a more fitness-oriented online community.

My 10 year fitness journey has been frustrating until earlier this year, and it’s been mainly due to my genetics it seems. I have a large number of food sensitivities and am unable to eat most foods, but also was unable to gain muscle in any meaningful way despite training for a few years. It was only until I started TRT 8 months ago that I started making progress like a normal male should. I’m on 200mg/week and cruise at 1200 Total T. I feel that at 32 I’m only starting to get the progress I should’ve been making in my late teens and 20’s. Thanks to COVID I was able to really tackle my food sensitives by starting an elimination diet and testing each and every food I eat and how it affects me. I am still on it and will probably need to be on it for another 5 years if I want to have a full understanding. Regardless, I will not be able to eat like a normal person without worry, though I'm going to see a gastroenterologist in November to discuss my strange (yet mild) food problems.

2 years ago I made a commitment to become as attractive as I possibly can by May 2023, which is when I’ll be moving to Dallas and try to find a boyfriend. I started going to group personal training sessions at a powerlifting gym and it was really helpful in fixing my form, but I made almost no muscle gain progress in a year which is when I knew something was strange and went on TRT. For the past 8 months I’ve been making regular progress like a novice should.

I’ve gained 25 lbs since the start of the year while staying the same bf%. 8 months difference: I don’t think there’s a huge difference in my body to be honest, I feel like I am simply making natty progress even though I’m using testosterone. That's kind of the point, but still a little disappointing.

My current PRs in lbs are:
Bench Press: 185
Squat: 290
OHP: 140
Deadlift: 375

I don’t consider myself a man that can be taken seriously until I can bench 225. I think the rest of my lifts are fine but still more like a beginner, except for my deadlift. I’m a teenager in a 32 year old body. I don’t have many nice things to say about myself in terms of fitness and I think it’s justified since I have high standards for others as well.

Next week I have a first appointment with a physiotherapist. My funny bone has been hurting a bit when doing pullups and tricep exercises, and it’s been getting worse as I’ve been trying to add weights to pullups. It’s an issue I’ve always had but seems to be getting worse. A secondary issue I’ve started experiencing is knee discomfort after squatting and deadlift. My coach thinks that it’s related to having tight quads and wants me to do couch stretches. It’s better when I use knee sleeves. I want to get a head start on these issues before they progress further and start hampering my training.
genetic freak

genetic freak

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Dec 28, 2015
Welcome to the board.

If your total test is sitting around 1200 you should be seeing some really nice gains, actually better than most would naturally. However, that is if all other things like, diet, training, rest, etc... are in line.

Good thing about the diet and eating normal. Most bodybuilders do not eat normal. We have probably 10 foods that we eat over and over again.

The elbow pain is common among a lot of weight lifters. You are pushing your muscles to grow by increasing the weight, but the joints are less accommodating. Supplementation will help. Elbow sleeves are a big help. It is the same with the knees. Look into DC stretching. You can find it on YouTube.

Good luck!
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