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despite never being off work, I'm still gaining...6 weeks in cycle update!



Sep 19, 2010
Starting week 6 of a 14 week Test Cyp, Anadrol, Deca, Test Prop cycle. Started cycle at a very light 206.5 lbs. I had been out of work and not really working out or eating very much so I became very emaciated looking.

Cycle is as follows:

1-4 Anadrol-50mg/e.d.
1-10 Deca-400mg/wk
1-12 Test Cyp-650mg/wk
12-14 Test Prop-150mg/e.o.d.

(2-12 Letro-2.5mg/approx 1X wk)**
(2-8/11-18 DHEA-50mg/e.d.)**

15-16 hcg-250iu/e.d.
15-18 Nolvadex-25mg/e.d.
19-20 Letro-2.5mg/wk

As stated I'm on week 6 and strength is up a great deal, and I've packed on 7.5lbs(putting me about 214lbs as I type this),and due to a clean diet and interval training cardio 3 days week I'm sitting with virtually no excess water retention. I'm getting my bf% checked next week, but after a crude BMI calculation I appear to be sitting around 10-11% body fat!

I move furniture for a living and I will wittness that a labor intensive job like mine can keep you from bloating up and pack on some quality muscle as long as you eat correctly and take the right supplements...I say that to state that my usual stess about UNDER training on cycle have been eased as my job is a full body resistance circuit in and of itself so if I miss a workout due to work, I really don't have THAT much to worry about. Also, DIET and REST have been other main keys to quality gains...

Other supplements I'm using....2000mg vit C daily (along with my Mens multi vit.),3mg Melatonin 30min. prior to bed. 1.7mg of B-2/ 2X daily; 2mg of B-6/ 2X daily; 1,200mcg of B-12/ 2X daily. Also taking 4.5 grams of glutamine e.d. for 7 days on and 5 days off; 5 grams Creatine e.d. for 5 days on and 5 days off. 200 grams of Whey protein daily; 5000mg BCAA's 1-2X e.d. I also take 90 mg of caffine every morning with my first meal and I am about to start 50mcg of Clenbuterol /e.d. for the next 3 weeks ( I will run it 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off through the end of PCT usually dosing as high as 120mcg daily by the last week and half of the 3).

My target weight by cycle end is approx 220lbs with no higher than 10% bf and 215lbs when I weigh in one week after the end of my PCT (I'd love to keep my weight at cycles end weight, but as we all know....that's a bit of a pipe dream...although I think I can keep the weight loss to no more than about 5-6 lbs.

It's a little grey because I spent a good deal of time (approx. 13 months) "cruising and blasting" but I would say this will be about my 7th or 8th cycle...anyway guys, thanks for letting me ramble on, and I'll keep you guys posted!

Much love TID!!!!!!!!!

**Letro is only being used b/c I'm out of A-dex
**Using DHEA on cycle for the first time in hopes it will aide long term with PCT recovery


Apr 9, 2011
Solid looking cycle, love the backloading with prop!
You think 3500iu of HCG over 2 weeks is enough to jump start
your HPTA after being shut down that long?
After 12 weeks, I ran it at 500iu ED for a week before PCT and
I don't think I was where I needed be for a fast recovery.

Two questions about your supplementation:
1) Is there a reason you cycle your creatine 5 day on/5 days off?
2) 200g of whey protein seems like a lot but is that because with
work your not able to get enough protein through solid foods?

Just some thoughts, thanks again for the invite to the site