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DB Bicep Inclines post shoulder surgery



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Feb 15, 2013
I am now 1yr & 2 mos post RC repair surgery. I have taking it VERY slow in getting back to what i was doing before surgery. Meaning training and rehab.
Was working out with my personal trainer mon night, and we were doing bi's and tri's. She had me do seated incline db curls.....i was hesitant at first given that in that seated position puts your shoulder at a different angle. So i said i will try them, go really light and see how i feel.
I took the 8# db and did a set and really concentrated on my form and using the bicep and keeping my shoulders back, set and still. The 8# felt really light, but felt OK.
So the next set i went to 12#, then i went to 15#.
Nothing hurt in shoulder or around there. Had a good pump from it. I was hesitant, but nothing felt bad. Lately if i feel any twinge or anything wrong I immediately stop.


The other Snake

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Aug 19, 2016
They say you're back from an injury physically before you are mentally. Good you are moving forward with caution this far out from surgery. The slow addition of more weight is a must.

I would think by now Bova you have a greater chance of re-injury in the home compared to the gym. One slip on a step and that jerking motion would be more catastrophic then an incline curl. Hell I went out and got a rubber mat to put in the shower to prevent a slip after my labrum repair.