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Dave Palumbo Keto Diet, what do you think?



Sep 9, 2010
The Dave Palumbo Keto Diet Broken Down

-Omega-3 Fish Oil pills 1000mg 3x per day
-Evening Primrose Oil (Omega-6) 1300mg 2x per day
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil is still better for your heart! These are HEART HEALTHY MONOUNSATURATED FATS (along with MACADAMIA NUT OIL). MONO's are NOT essential fats; however, they ARE very heart healthy.

Macadamia Nut oil (Omega-9 monosaturates) 2-3 ablespoons per day
I'm a believer in a good whole food supplement. I've mentioned it before:

Juice Plus+ gives you 12 servings of fruits and veggies in 4 pills (no sugar, no fiber).

Good legal Test/anti-aromatase:
6-oxo or Gaspari Novedex XT

Liver Support:
LIV-52 by Himalayan Labs for liver detoxification at its best!

Take all supps with food

Diet: (for 250lb man)
Meal 1 6 whole Omega-3 eggs
Meal 2 8oz chicken with 1/2 cup raw almonds
Meal 3 50g whey with 2 tablespoons all natural peanutbutter (PWO)
Meal 4 8oz salmon with 1 cup asparagus with 1 tablespoon macadamia nut oil
Meal 5 50 g whey with 2 tablespoon PB
Meal 6 6 whole eggs
(5 meals for Women)

HAVE YOUR CHEAT MEAL ON THE SAME DAY EVERY WEEK, last meal of the day so you dont cheat again.

Follow my same formula. . . High protein (50g per meal),Moderate Fat (25g per meal),and moderate carbs (35-50g per meal). If you're a hard gainer, eat 8-10 meals. If you're an easy gainer (but get fat easily),stick to 6 meals per day.

For the 1000th time, when following my diet plan (which includes getting your brain into ketosis),there can be NO starchy carbs eaten!

CARDIO should be performed at a low intensity (under 120bpm heartrate). This will ensure that you use FAT as a fuelsource since as your heartrate increase, carbohydrates begin to become the preferred fuel of choice for the body. When on a low carb diet, you're body will break down muscle and turn that into carbs. Remember, Fat CANNOT be changed into carbs. Therefore, for bodybuilding, the rule of cardio should be LONG DURATION, LOW INTENSITY

Forget using:
-MCT's are a waste when you're dieting. If you're gonna use FATS for an energy source, they might as well serve a function in the body. MCTs are useless. They can only serve as a source of energy!
-Arginine is not going to do anything. It will DO something; just not dramatic.


Sep 8, 2010
Keto Friendly Foods (Here is a list of great foods and things that you can add to foods)

Many of these items can be found on

Waldenfarms condiments (They make all sorts of calorie free condiments such as chocolate dip, chocolate syrup, marshmellow dip, pancake syrup, salad dressings, and all different types of sauces that you may not usually be able to have while on keto)

PB2 is great to add into any shakes or to make cookies and cakes with. It's peanuts that have the fat pressed out so you can still enjoy pb without the extra calories

Shirataki noodles (They are noodles that are made from the roots of sweet potatoes. There are no calories in these noodles because it is all fiber. They are great for making stir fry and they fill you up without adding calories. If your struggling with staying full and you are having trouble controlling your appetite then the shiritaki noodles is great for you. You can throw them, some chicken, some olive oil, low sodium soy sauce and some spices in a frying pan and you have stir fry.

Jello is great Candy and various types of sweets can be made from jello. You can find recipes on I make gummi bears, licorice, peppermint patties and other candy on there with little to no calories at all

You don't*have to give up your favorite foods you just have to be creative. For example if you love chicken fingers but don't eat them because they are fried and have breading then make your own. Crush up pork rinds in a bag for the breading(no carbs),1 tablespoon low fat parm cheese(it helps the breading stick) dip the chicken in egg whites, shake them in the breading bag and bake them. They taste just like regular chicken fingers.
If you miss pancakes mix 2 scoops of whatever kind of protein that you like, water and maybe some pb2 if you desire in a blender (don't add too much water you want it to be like pancake mix),spray a lil I can't believe it's not butter in the pan, pour in batter and you have pancakes. Add in some waldenfarms pancake syrup and it is great.

Some tricks to staying full on the keto diet is picking the dense foods that are going to keep you full. Also when you have your protein shake don't make it with just water in a shaker cup. Put protein, water, ice, and maybe some waldenfarms calorie free condiments in a blender. You will end up having a 25 ounce milkshake like protein shake that tastes just as good if not better then a milkshake compared to having a 12 ounce protein shake that doesn't taste as good and doesn't quite fill you up.

Use spices for your foods. They add a ton of flavor without adding a ton of calories.

A lot of this information and other things related to it is spread around the forums.


Dec 13, 2010
ive been on it for 11 days now. the only reason im doing it is because its short term. ill be on it a little over 30 days before my mega blast. when i do a contest diet i would NEVER do this. people can get shredded on 200-300gm of carbs a day and come into shows full as hell. bottom line im not a fan but will make an excepting if it is for short term.


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Feb 1, 2011
Juice Plus+ gives you 12 servings of fruits and veggies in 4 pills (no sugar, no fiber). ???? Dont know if I am sold on this? Wonder what carb count is and if its legit?


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Feb 8, 2012
Ive done this diet its not a lotta food I dfound that by adding MORE fats I was able to hold onto my size If you follow it to the exact specs your gonna wanna eat your hands off and lose size that was my personal experiancer though I watch a few current pros who have done that program go back to carb style programs which I do feel is a better way to go IMO


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Apr 8, 2015
I've done keto..and it sucks, works real well short term but wouldn't go longer than a month...I think you can get lean with lower carbs like already mentioned...