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    Feb 27, 2011
    Portions of an interview with Dan Duchaine relative to DNP

    You have done a lot of work with DNP. What is DNP? How does it work?

    Dan: Forty percent of your energy expenditure in your body…40% of the calories that you consume everyday is burned up as non-essential heat. Sixty percent of the energy is needed for metabolic processes, and to keep the cells alive and the processes involved. Forty percent is futile heat energy: there is no work being done, there is no ATP being used or produced for work. In humans, that is controlled by uncoupling proteins in light fat and skeletal muscle. UCPs, 2's and 3's, mediated by mostly beta-4 receptors in skeletal muscles and light fat. Dinitrophenol is an industrial chemical that has direct action on the heat production action in the mitochondria without any kind of receptor… it bypasses any kind of receptor or uncoupling protein. It pretty much throws protons off fatty acids and it turns into heat rather than ATP. It was a very popular weight loss drug in the 40s in this country but in that very unregulated time there were a lot of mis-prescribing and misuse of it and a high incidence of cataracts in women. And so it was banned from interstate transport although a doctor in almost every state could still prescribe it as long as they made the DNP within the state.
    [HR][/HR]What causes the cataracts? What other problems occur?
    Dan: Depletion of antioxidants in the eyeball specifically glutathione and Vitamin C. I always suspected it was the Vitamin C because the early research pointed out there was a depletion of Vitamin C in the cells, especially in the eyeball. Just recently, a couple of weeks ago, most newspapers reported a study that suggested supplemental Vitamin C could help avoid most cataracts.
    Not everybody stays on it forever because you feel so miserable on it. I think most of the people having trouble with DNP don't understand it. There was a misunderstanding of how DNP worked as opposed to other thermogenic agents in that we couldn't really rely on measured body temperature to adjust the dosage. The human body can withstand a moderate fever, the body temperature can go well over a hundred degrees and you are kind of uncomfortable but you live, but it is not insufferable high. Because DNP allows the dilation of skin cells so that a lot of the heat is being radiated off, your body temperature is very, very high even though the mouth thermometer is really not showing a tremendous rise in body temperature. A 30 percent rise above normal, and your body temperature is only about 99.2 degrees. The hazard is that just because you have been able to tolerate ephedrine or yohimbe or clenbuterol in the past, temperatures of like a hundred or so, you should not try to get you body temperature that high on DNP because once it is that high you are well over double the metabolic rate and many of your cells are depleted of the energy source and things can get dangerous at that point.

    You have recommended the use of insulin to enhance the efficacy of DNP use in bodybuilders…

    Dan: It is not so much my idea but a research scientist out of the 30s that recommended it. Protein synthesis stops on DNP. Luckily for most sedentary people the research has not really shown a loss of muscle mass although it would stop testosterone production out of the gonads and might interfere with the transference of testosterone in the cells. However, they did show a study where by supplementing the DNP with growth hormone and insulin, they re-established protein synthesis. However, I must tell you about half of the heat producing ability of DNP comes from glucose being burned as heat and the other is fatty acids; so, if you put more glucose in your cells with insulin, you will become more uncomfortable because there will be more heat put off. We've done it both ways… we've done DNP with no insulin and those with it, and they were better off with it. We didn't need much, maybe once a day with short-acting stuff.

    Do you think DNP, ipriflavone, and insulin are possible alternatives to steroids?
    Dan: A few women have used DNP. I'm afraid to say that a lot of women did suffer on DNP because they were using too much more than necessary. I say that because they get in shape in such a fast time, they're ready 3 or 4 weeks before the contest and they really suffer to get there because their body temperature is so elevated. Now looking back, we could have used ½ maybe 1/3 the dosage and took our time so that we peaked right on time rather than way ahead of time.
    Ipriflavone from Italy, the other from Hungary…As much as I begged people to get it in the country, it has never shown up. I've never seen one box of that stuff being used. I don't know why. Usually, I have a pretty good track record of recommending something and suddenly it shows up here, but that never made it over here.
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    Good post Shine!! I don't know if I ever would use DNP, but as GI Joe said "Knowledge is POWER"!!! There is talk/rumor that a very popular "guru" to the Pro's and top NPC guys/gals get's his clients to use DNP to get in shape as his "protocol" calls for high carbs, low to no cardio to get in shape. I don't know if it's true or not, but it's just things that make you go hmmmnnnnnnn..................
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    GI Joe is the source of that quote??

    My brother's GI Joe w/ Kung Fu grip only said things like "Looks bad.. .be careful!" or "I'm going in for a look!" I never heard him say "Knowledge is POWER!"

    Or wait.. maybe it was Big Jim who said those things??
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    That's not my post! lmao , that iz our boy Pillar bro LOL
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    Great post and if used correctly DNP is the best out there for weight loss and fat burning.
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    Very much agree here!
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    Dan D is why I became obsessed with DNP back in the 90's. I had a company and back when the internet first hit I was able to easily obtain DNP from a research chem company back in like 97. 2 big bottles. The shipping was more than the 2 bottles cuz of the hazmat fee, UPS delivered it and the bottles were in metal containers like paint cans. The tops of the metal cans were just like paint cans. I had to pry them off with a screw driver. Then the cans were inside these thick plastic bags. I remember waiting for the ups truck looking out the window.
    It was industrial grade powder. I hated that shit. I did 2 cycles and ended both early. I'm a pussy. I was married then with young kids. I was wearing a t shirt in 20degree weather. You could see the steam coming off me. It worked though. You crazy fuckers that compete are used to dieting and being uncomfortable. I had a friend that competed and he loved it. We'd work nightclubs bouncing and he's be smiling like a crazy person sweating his ass off. I like to feel good all the time.
    I just had a friend send me some crystal dnp from the man.(D) I'm getting the nerve up to run it again. I hear its not as bad as the powder. We'll see. I'm in the SoCal Desert so I have to do it soon. Its gonna start getting warm in a month.
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    U guys that have ran dnp got more balls then I do lol. I can't even use a preworkout without feeling like I'm cracked out
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    DNP isn't a stimulant. Exact opposite in fact. Lethargy is one of the worst sides from it.
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    Everything that I've seen on DNP is that the sides are terrible however it's effective as ever but makes you sluggish, not wanting to lift heavy weight, unmotivated etc. Are you running it now POB?
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    Keep the carbs cut and dose steady, take before bed , preload a little and youll have a better time of it this go
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    When using DNP (both times) I used fruit (berries) and antioxidant tabs post workout, also ensured I stayed on top off breakfast (oats, fruits etc, lots off) to help me get minimise the "DNP Blues" worked wonders, still sweated like I was wearing a plastic suit in a sauna lol. What I found most off all was I didnt want to drink any water, even though I had too, I had to force myself to drink. Funniest part is eating then instant sweating, running down my face into food, used to be like a joke with the wife :)
    If used within the guidelines its fantastic. All the guys I know that have used it have seen remarkable results.

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