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Oct 14, 2012
I can tell you from experience about the weight loss issue and anticipation.

When I was getting ready for my first meet, I went to see my friend and he helped me get fitted for my bench shirt. I filled out the entry form when I was at his gym and entered myself into the 242 class. I was around 238 at the time. After I went home I was really concerned about getting over my weight class. I started cutting back on the calories to be safe. Plus i was extremely nervous. One thing lead to another and in a couple weeks I had lost 10 pounds. I came back to train with my friend again, we put my bench shirt on and the weight we used the previous session for an easy single, I wasn't able to complete a full rep on.

I didn't know at the time that weight fluctuation effected your gear.

I was so nervous for the meet I wasn't able to eat the needed calories to get my weight back up. So on meet day, my opener was 15 pounds less than a weight I did easily 5 weeks prior to the meet.

My second attempt was a weight I did pretty easily 5 weeks prior, but couldn't lock it out on meet day.
So I only managed to get my opener.

It was really frustrating. But at the time I didn't know I needed to keep my weight steady.

Trial and error I guess.
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