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Covid Vaccine



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Dec 23, 2010
Good to know ur good. I had it in feb.

Now u have the natural vaccine. I have 2 friends who got the vaccine... both just got covid and sick as dogs.
Sad but the mRNA genetic modification shot hyper stimulates your immune system and trains it to attack the organs where the spike protein resides (basically all of them). I predict the next 10yrs will show a global pandemic of auto-immune diseases.


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Sep 30, 2011
Here is a video of Dr. Robert Malone, he is the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology. He's saying the Pfizer shots are causing the virus to become more infectious than non vaccinated. He is calling it antibody dependent enhancement, it's happened before in the 60s and it caused more child deaths than non vaccinated children.

He believes in the vaccines but is now being ousted by his peers and the left for telling the truth.

WTF, so do they work or not?



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Sep 30, 2011
Hell, another thing they are now saying is the covid tests aren't any good and they have to get a new test that can tell the difference between the flu and c-19.

They knew it all along, I've been saying it for a year now. They absolutely have to push the vaccines before December. The new test is suppose to be out by then. Portugal ruled it first. Now everyplace will have to follow about the PCR tests.

The Maker of the PCR test said it wasn't good for covid but of course he died 2 months before covid came out. All true, just don't search though left wing search engines. I use duckduckgo.

Pretty sure this was never a pandemic. Many know about the false death rate as well. If you died, you were tested for covid with the false PCR tests. If you were positive, your death certificate says covid. I have read several articles on it and newscasts. I know two people here in FL that work in hospitals that said the same thing. Not hear say, directly to me. There is a county in CA that ruled to subtract 25% of their covid deaths because of it.

The CDC set the cycles and lowered them to 28 the week Biden came into office.

This link talks about the cycle threshold and how they create false positives. Simply, if it's cranked up too high, it picks up dead RNA and they call it positive. Keep in mind most were testing at 40 cycles.

It starts at 20:45/43:36, at 22:45/43:36, dr fauci is talking about how the cycle threshold being too high won't show accurate results. This is him from before covid even hit, 2016. Ya, busted again. Just like his 2005 peer reviewed study that says hydroxychloroquine works.

And don't forget about him saying masks don't work at the beginning. He said it because they don't. He's on video saying it.

Ep 2535b – We Got Them In The 2016 Election By Surprise, They Said It Would Never Happen Again (


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Sep 21, 2011
The other thing they never mention in their shaming, and blaming of the unvaccinated, is that a LOT of those people in the unvaccinated population already have natural immunity from having the virus, so there is no need for them to get the vaccine unless a titer shows it is needed. So when Biden shamefully throws out his statistics, he is including those who have already had the virus in with the total sum of the unvaccinated.

I will not have my kids get this vaccine! I'll go on a rampage if they made it mandatory for them based off of the ridiculous low data they have accumulated. A lot of this hysteria I feel is also to appease the teacher's unions, who frankly, DO NOT want to go back to in-class teaching. Over the last year, they documented that just over 300 kids died from covid, but the CDC has not distinguished how many of those deaths were actually due to covid, or if they just tested positive for having it in their body when death occurred. The keep deflecting this question when asked, along with all their flip-flops.

Meanwhile, the American population is getting shamed, yet all the video footage of the million+ coming through our southern border unvaccinated, do not have to obey these restrictions or shaming, nor are many using masks, and they are being flown and thrown around to all the states, mostly battleground and conservative states for democratic votes, and nada from the current administration or liberal officials. Oh...and if you are in Cuba, you are not allowed to come....mkay.

This delta variant is much weaker, despite being more transmissible. There is a bump in cases, but the death rate is only minimally effected, or increased. The vaccine can help in the transmissibility of the delta variant, but there is not a lot of data showing how much, if any. The NEJM just posted the following:

Infection and Vaccine-Induced Neutralizing-Antibody Responses to the SARS-CoV-2 B.1.617 Variants | NEJM

BTW....not saying the there is no risk of death from covid or the weaker variants, but let's be honest, if you are 70+, especially anybody in that age or any age who have major life threatening health ailments, i'd still advise to avoid heavily populated areas in areas that have an increase in the virus. I mean, if you have a supply of N95 masks, it gives some flexibility, but these cloth masks and overused crap masks everybody uses are a joke...they can't even keep out large particles when I mow my yard, let alone a virus measured in microns.

I say...stop shaming people and bullying the non-vaccinated crowd, and allow the availability and prescribing of HCQ and other drugs to help with this weaker delta variant. Stop throwing around mandates and scare-mongering.


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Sep 16, 2010
Okay, before everyone gets crazy here…. The Covid test is done by PCR, the flu is done same way by PCR, but different primer. I used to work in the lab that actually ran these tests, you know exactly what the person has. I know there is a lot of crazy information out there. Some good, some bad. We are all super smart individuals, let’s just look at the data, we’re our own science group here. As with the unvaccinated, your also a control group lol, so let’s just see how this turns out.


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Jan 3, 2019
There is no calming this down. What they are working towards is very familiar and on a far less discriminating scale.


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Jan 8, 2011
“Dr. Michael Osterholm, an epidemiologist who is a member of President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Board, said on CNN Monday that many face masks are ineffective at preventing the spread of the virus.”

they’ve known this since day one. now they decide to tell the truth.
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The Phoenix

The Phoenix

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Jul 29, 2014
Are you all still listening to this stuff?

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