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Dec 20, 2017
I hate it when my debit card gets canx due to online fraud. It happens alot and sucks cause I use it for auto-payments so I don't forget to make a payment. I have to change them all every time it happens. I think I have most of them using my checking acct. # which I've never had a problem with. The latest one was for a 0.00 charge. 'Did you make a payment in the amount of 0.00'? WTF! I call the the security co. and it's some non-english speaking empty skull who says he can't transfer me to his supervisor and that I need to call back to get a different non-english speaking empty skull. I try calling back but keep getting a message my acct. doesn't exist. Go to the bank and get some english speaking empty skull behind the counter who wants to issue me a new card. I asked him if there is any common sense used considering it's a 0.00 charge? I asked him to remove the block, he scans my acct. for about half an hr. and says he doesn't see a block on my card. Tells me to use the ATM machine in the lobby and see if I can get a balance and if I can I'm good to go, if not come back. I get a balance and proceed to Wallmart for groceries. I have a cart full of stuff and after scanning everything in my debit card doesn't work. I used a cc, which I hate to use and am waiting to cool off so I don't strangle someone at the bank. It's a good thing I have nothing better to do...................


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Apr 29, 2012
In the course of my work, I handle other people's money on a regular basis. A company I work with has been telling us there are whole companies out there, locate in our adversarial nations, like Russia, China, Iran, etc. dedicated to defrauding American consumers. People in those places go to work at an office, they have teams who develop scams, then they have worker bees who put them out there to see whether they can trick you into giving them your money, or giving them access to your computer or to your credit cards and bank accounts and your phone and other devices.

Here are a few bits of advice I have been told, to help you avoid getting scammed.

1. Never click on a link whose source you are not 100% confident about.
2. Use multifactor verification on all accounts. Use a password manager (not Lastpass who have been hacked repeatedly lately) to save passwords for each site. Use different passwords for each site, and site generated passwords are the best. Change your passwords regularly. Never, ever, ever use a password based on your name or that is a series of numbers 1234, or letters abcd. Again, best to use a random password generator and password manager. Using fingerprint verification is a good idea.
3. When presented with an unexpected, or slightly irregular e-mail from a company you work with, don't assume it is legitimate. Look for signs it may not be legitimate. If in doubt, go to a safe access point to verify the communication is legit, before following up on the e-mail itself. Remember the fraudsters are impersonating people you know and work with and with AI it is getting hard to tell whether you are dealing with a person you know, or a fraudulent AI impersonating them.
4. If a person seems suspicious, challenge them to prove to you they are legitimate by providing information only a legitimate person would know about you.
5. Make sure you regularly update your computer and programs, with the latest patches. Some of these come out weekly. Don't neglect them.
6. Make a backup copy of everything on your computer, often (at least weekly) on a hard drive you can keep in a safe place.
7. Use secure sites (htpps.....) Encrypt everything you can.
8. There are computer security services you can hire to evaluate and to provide emergency services.
9. Have a plan for what to do if you are scammed or if you are subject to a ransomware attack or any other attack.

There are government websites where you can learn more: (cybersecurity alerts and advisories);
You can report crimes to the FBI: and if you do so early enough, they may be able to recover your money.

The above is the bare minimum if you want to protect yourself, your business and your loved ones against the mass of criminals out there.

Massive G

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Apr 10, 2020

Massive G

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Apr 10, 2020
Should I call the company to report it?
Or just leave it alone?



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Oct 31, 2018
Too many of these scams going around and being proactive is best so call the real company and verify whether or not there's any collection file active on you.
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