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Clomid AND Nolvadex - The Reason

dr jim

dr jim

Apr 7, 2014
Agreed XXL but what I've a problem with is Sallies protocol uses Tamoxifen as Clomid is tapered. Why? Well as I understand it, the Clomid is started first because it "sensitizes" the LH receptor to the effects of GnRH. While that seems accurate based on RAT literature I'm familiar with, why oh why is a LESS EFFECTIVE effective SERM like Tamo used to "finish the job". Why isn't Clomid simply continued to complete PCT.

Furthermore the literature is far from convincing regarding the use of Tamo for PCT because in some RAT and a couple human (breast CA trials) Tamo was noted to LOWER LH levels.

For these reasons I've never been convinced TWO SERMS are better than one since the former only seems to COMPLICATE a relatively uncomplicated process, called PCT.

Finally as I mentioned earlier and XXL re-emphasized the organ tissue itself has a MAJOR influence on whether any SERM is an E-2 agonist or antagonists.


Oct 3, 2012
There have been quite some clinical studies on both SERMs, especially concerning hypogonadal men using clomiphene. I've summarized them quite a while ago (I apologize for not including P-values, if any, and SD):

There have been new trials in the meanwhile which aren't included in that table. Also, there's an endocrinologist in the Netherlands who runs an 'anabolic steroid user clinic' (dr. de Ronde) for the past few years, who strictly prescribes tamoxifen. He probably has a wealth of data by now.
dr jim

dr jim

Apr 7, 2014
Nice post Big Guy.

I'm vaguely familiar with Dr De'Ronde's AAS clinic in the Netherlands. Fortunately, IMO, since the "drug" laws regarding the use and enforcement of AAS are comparatively lenient in the Netherlands, I'm hopeful relevant data will be made available "within the next year or two" as a consequence of Dr DeRonde's work. (Primarily office based TRT, infertility and AIH related ailments etc.)

I strongly believe we need more than one "expert" as an additional resource for AIH and especially PCT. I also look forward to reviewing Dr De'Ronde's CONTEMPORARY data once published, because based on the paucity of EXISTING evidence based RESEARCH no therapy is etched in stone including Dr Scallies.

We are all literally still flying by the seat of our pants when the topic involves AIH related "therapy" disease or complications IMO.

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