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Carbon fiber hoods, wings, etc.



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Dec 20, 2017
I have a 2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack. Some dumb ass bitch backed into it in the work parking lot. I was only 30 ft behind her! Another guy at work goes, "I was wondering how the fuck she managed that"! Anyway, theres over $5500 of damage, she hit it going about 10mph in Jeep Wrangler. Doesn't look like a lot of damage but considering just 1 of 2 lamps is almost $1k. The hood needs to be replaced so Im going to use the opportunity to replace it with a carbon fiber hood with lock down pins. The front wing was damaged previously when I hit a curb so that's gonna get replaced on her ins. dime. Id like to get that done in carbon fiber also but they seem hard to find plus the cost is significantly more than a plastic one unlike the hood where the carbon fiber hood would be half the cost of a metal hood with having to paint which carbon fiber doesn't need. Ive been searching online for a dealer and am having a difficult time finding both at a cost the same as whats on it now. Does anyone know of a good after market dealer for carbon fiber products ? Also, is anyone aware of how to get the repair shop and the after market parts dealer together to get it paid for so I don't have to come up with the money until the repairs are done and then get refunded? Thanks...……….


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Apr 23, 2011
I just looked and Facebook has a few Challenger groups id start there for carbon fiber availability


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Nov 1, 2010
went thru two different vendors with carbon fiber. The biggest problem is if they are NOT local...shipping will kill you and if you do use carbon fiber make sure you INSPECT it very closely. My first hood from HCM carbon fiber took 6 weeks to get .....only to be stress cracked at factory mounts. 2nd hood took 6 more weeks...and had stress cracks in front edge. I had ordered several items (cowl cover and decklid) and both were IMO junk for what you pay for,
Carbon motion supplied a decent product BUT faded fast and was not worth it.

As for the shop....I run a huge highline collision center and our parts department will use a CC to buy things....I can tell you though...IF something is wrong with the product or fails down the road...that will be on YOU to contact the aftermarket supplier and "try" to get a warranty on it. IF it doestn fit perfect...oh well...on you. I have several BMW and mercedes customers that always want different grills or what not. some turn out great...others "ok" to be blunt. Not a big fan of the AM parts..

IMO carbon fiber products are great IF you are local to them...if not it is a crap shoot


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Apr 23, 2012
Sorry top hear about yhour SP. I'm a Mopar guy too; have an SRT 392 Charger.

Haven't seen any real CF hoods that I can recall. Most people just get the CF wrap. You won't see much weight savings by going true CF as the hoods on these cars are aluminum already.