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Jul 16, 2018
I initially got into the weight training from being very overweight at 310 and then dropped to 185 in 6 months. I think a lot of people just see me as "that guy who dropped a ton of weight" but I don't think about it much. It was a fun journey but I'm a lot more that just that kind of person. Stayed at 185 for a while, and then started lifting weights to "bulk up." Did pretty much everything wrong except for trying gear [fear of needles is too great] and am still learning.

Just came off of 3 months of Keto. Started at 240, left at 240. A revelation occurred to me as I got off the diet which I'll share later. In a bit of a rush atm, just trying to get a few things covered right now.

Right now I'm lowering my carbs to 100 a day, minimizing fat and having high protein at 360 g a day spread between 7 meals. I have carbs at breakfast, pre and post workout otherwise my meals are whey, chicken or sliced meats.

Main goal is to slowly lean down till I am satisfied, not a number in mind, more of a look. I make new weight in the gym every now and then, just benched 225 last chest time and overhead pressed w/ 50's for a shoulder press and that's new weight for me too. I used to squat but it was too much of an ego trip so I stopped that and besides my legs look fine and I'm pretty sure I would need to squat 300+ lbs to get them any bigger. I'm not into competition, I just want to look strong and muscular. I get a lot of hate on other forums for not squatting or deading but it's not for everyone. They have their place for some people but you don't have to do xyz. That's too simplistic of thinking for me and it makes me mad so I don't like to get into arguments where it's all or nothing kinds of things.

I will post my workout split later but I have one.

I am also in active physical therapy for my back I screwed up nearly 5 years ago. Only now am I getting relief with core/specific back exercises.

Will post more later. :p


Strength Pimp
Feb 27, 2011
How did you lose 125lbs in 6 months? Surgery?
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