Bungling steroid smuggler blows £330k racket

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    Satnam Sahota, 37, passed the drugs on to Kunil Chand, 26, who stored the testosterone, human growth hormones and Sustanon in his Your Protein store in Clark Road, Tettenhall and a unit of his at Bizspace in Upper Villiers Street.

    A total of 55 deliveries were made from Chandigarh in India to the Your Protein base on Upper Villiers Street, with 28 made to the Clarks Road shop.

    Sahota, of Hales Crescent, Smethwick, was found guilty of conspiring to import class C drugs by the jury after an hour and a half of deliberations. Chand, of Oaklands Road, Penn, had already pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply anabolic steroids. Richard Withers, 28, of Warstones Crescent, Penn, was found not guilty of conspiracy to supply steroids.

    A number of packages marked up as ‘samples’ were sent to Chand from Health Biotech, a company in India, through couriers such as Fed-Ex and TNT between September 30, 2013 and December 20, 2014.

    But the racket was rumbled when border police examined one of the packages, they discovered the illegal steroids and applied for a search warrant at the two sites.

    Sahota’s part was to import the drugs and then pass them on to Chand.

    He claimed that he wasn’t guilty of smuggling, but was in fact scamming Chand by saying he was using logistics contacts to track parcels.

    He claimed to ‘know people’ who worked for Fed-Ex and offered to help the businessman track down parcels which were delayed. He said: “I didn’t know anyone, all I would do is put reference numbers into the Fed Ex website and tell him what it said on there.”

    But the prosecution provided incriminating evidence that Chand had paid £7,000 to Sahota over the course of a year that matched the value of parcels that had been delivered and later seized by police.

    Withers was alleged to have known about the steroids when he was working at Your Protein with Chand, but he was acquitted of any wrongdoing.

    Sahota forged a character reference from his boss Scott Corbett at Ridgeway Foods in Wolverhampton, in which he wrote about how he was ‘honest and trustworthy’.

    But he was caught out by the prosecution, who noticed that rather than forge Mr Corbett’s signature, he used his own.

    Judge Michael Challinor deferred Sahota’s sentence and remanded him in custody.

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