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Broderick Chavez and Lyle McDonald talk training natural vs enhanced podcast



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Sep 21, 2011
I thought this was a super cool watch, the 2 hours went by fairly quick if you are into training talk. They discuss optimal training between enhanced and natural lifters. Great approaches, lots of side talk about old bodybuilders, powerlifters, a little on drugs, and some great shout outs from Lyle on DoggCrapp training and Dan Duchaine!

I love Lyle, but he can be a dickk, he was not a dick in this video.

Here is the link to like and subscribe, followed by the YT linked video:

This is a very rough time stamp line, i'd recommend listening to all the stuff in-between though:

00:53 Broderick explains why he hates naturals

05:50 What is natural & what isn't?

07:02 How PEDs affect training

09:16 Is there an optimal way to train and would training style even matter if you are on enough drugs?

12:56 Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates, Arnold, Mike Mentzer

20:05 The balance between volume and intensity

26:23 Training frequency

36:53 Is detraining proportional to frequency?

39:24 Modern powerlifting

42:48 Training frequency continued (frequency in conjunction with volume & intensity)

46:50 Lyle's "Pump Theory"

59:40 Periodization

1:06:18 What causes muscle growth

1:13:09 Natural training & adding weight to the bar

1:28:07 Lyle's approach to training (volume, intensity, frequency, periodization)

1:29:34 Thoughts on starting intensities

1:31:07 Differences between males & females regarding volume & intensity

1:35:01 The difference between natural and enhance training

1:40:35 Individual actions of different anabolics and the logic behind "stacks"

1:43:12 How to structure and periodize training
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