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Brittney Griner Release



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Dec 25, 2010
We give up "The Merchant of Death" for a pot-smoking America-hating lesbo. That seems about right for the Biden WH.

Just remember the next time the Biden WH talks about the need for gun control. They don't want you to have a gun, but are totally OK with guns going to FARC and the Liberians.


TID Board Of Directors
Sep 30, 2011
It's interesting irony for me to be a gun toting, business owning, exmilitary young Reagan voter who's also a 'leftie.' You're so politically low information that you can't even see past your ridiculous paradigm.

And btw, I've spent years smashing Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Al Gore, John Kerry. etc, etc, The entire worthless and incompetent Democratic party. I take great pleasure tearing down Dems. But as soon as I mention what a piece of shit Trump is you come running to his defense like a little fanboi. .

Of all the people on this board I disagree with your takes are the absolute worst. Low information.
I have serious doubts as to your first 4 claims as do others.
I do believe that you have wasted years of your life "smashing" the political arena and I will allow that to be your claim to fame,
Carry on Pumpkin


Oct 23, 2010
I don't really understand this prisoner swap shit at all. If X is guilty and Y is guilty where is the justice in trading X for Y and setting them both free? Seems to me that the only two who win from this are X and Y, and that everyone else loses for having two extra guilty pricks running around who otherwise would have been incarcerated.

Who even comes up with these fucked up ideas? I know that prisoner exchange has been around for years, but I wonder if anyone has ever considered how fucked up a concept it really is? I'm quite sure that Biden has not, and he absolutely sucks at this game.


TID Board Of Directors
Nov 30, 2011
Yes. Then they put it all over the world news how she reunites with “her wife”
Its embarrassing to us as a country.

These are suppose to be our Top leaders doing this silly shit. Weird times or times of the weirdos


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Dec 10, 2013
God i miss the fucking days of waking up as a kid and the only concern i had was hoping i could get enough guys together in the neighborhood
for a good game of football at the park or stickball at the school yard. Or my favorite game "Kill the man with the ball". There would be 7 or 8 guys and whoever grabbed the football, the other 7 guys would tackle and beat the shit out of him until he gave up the ball. Then whoever grabbed the ball, it was his turn. As a kid i didn't give 2 fucks about Republican, Democrats, Liberals or who the fucking president was. My only concern was to make sure I'm home before the streetlights came on so i didn't get the belt from pops. Good times man.
Where I come from we had a different name for that game but it’s not exactly pc in todays world. Lol


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Jan 3, 2019
I have been to jail 3 times in one day in Mexico, of course this was back in the late 80's when you just threw money at them. I dont even believe the vape pen story, I dont believe anything I see in the media, nothing. When you are talking international things like this, the LAST place you will find out what happened is in the global media. You may have been seeing an entire wag the dog move to make Biden look strong. I know the instinct is to think at least part is right, you need to learn you are wrong when you think they are right. We dont know anything about what may be the truth of the matter there...
What "they" want is kaos and death all around the world but not in their yards. Arm people that are willing to kill others - bringing many more to the death pile. Disarm good people who would kill them in their attempts to bring you to a safety center. Many of these are around here in the US now. They plan on using them. Biden is just a retarded child molester. He's the face the world gets to me mad at and apply their anger to us.


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Jun 16, 2020
terrible negotiation skills. Biden gave away a big bargaining chip for a little nothing.

now I wonder how many other bargaining chips we have for Russia.B

terrible negotiation skills. Biden gave away a big bargaining chip for a little nothing.

now I wonder how many other bargaining chips we have for Russia.
Biden probably got his crackhead son another $50k/month job and a few milliion in his own pocket in exchange too

Massive G

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Apr 10, 2020
That was a bad trade, a criminal mastermind arms dealer and man may have been complicit in the deaths of 10s of thousands for a former WNBA player who left the USA to play a game tried to take a weed pen which she surely knew was illegal.

My guess, he will go back to arms dealing and benefiting Russia, she will go back to playing basketball for 70 people a night and missing 50% of her layups.
She will get a billion dollar book deal and movie series about her and be treated like gold.
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