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Bodybuilding -strength or weakness mindest



Rottens cookie dealer
Mar 19, 2011
This post is to get a general discussion started about your feeling and opinions on bodybuilding and what we do in general life day to day .
Do we as bodybuilders let the lifting and training get in the way of our everyday lives , for those of us who dont do it for a profession or a job .Is the mindset that we have a sickness or a desire and compassion for what we do ? Does you mind focus primarly on getting bigger stronger or looking the best ? Do we get carried away with the next cycle or what suppliments to take to achieve our goals?
Does the everyday weighing ourselves and looking into the mirror create a sickness or a overall feeling of greatness . why sometimes do I look into the mirror and see a big tan muscle defined bro and other times i see a weak scrawny puke looking back at me ? Does the midset get into the way ? Are we always questioning every move and how it would benifit to eat that last chickn breast or steak and tators? What or how does your overall goals fit into your schedule ?Does your spouse support your decision to get bigger , stronger or to use the AAS ? My wife supports me in all my decisions although I sometimes wonder if its the right thing to do but my mind tells me that I need it , I want it , I have to have it to acheive my goals in the quest to be huge . does your mind play tricks on you like mine does to me ? My mind is never really set to rest , I lift hard and heavy and even when I cant do another set or rep I still feel like I didnt give it my all even though my body says it was enough or to much for that matter . My daily schedule is strict , my bedtime is early and early to rise to get the most time in the gym and the food intake is timed out throughout the day to get the most benifit from all the nutrients and calories that I feed myself ,.Meals became numbered rather than named a few years back . How does your routine and day to day schedule for your overall goals fit into your day to day . Does your mind rest with the knowing you have given it your all , or does it question every move you make on wether it will benifit or set you back >? Somedays for me are better than others for me as far as my mentality goes .Just thought I would get other opinions on this . Sorry its kinda a long post but I would like to see others opinions .


TID Board Of Directors
Feb 3, 2011
Yes, lifting and eating and supplementing and pinning and obsessing get in the way of some activities, such as watching tv or reading a book or talking on the phone. But I don't let it get in the way of really important things, such as my wife, my job, and my loved ones. Am I a nutcase to most people? Probably. But I love the structure and purpose of my obsession, and I believe that more people should have a constructive obsession like ours. My wife supports my wise use of aas, and has done enough of her own research to know what is and isn't excessively dangerous to my health. She helps me pin, she helps me eat healthy, and she motivates me to go to the gym on days when I'm dragging. I normally will work out for 60-90 minutes, then go home, finish my post-workout nutrition routine, and then take her back to the gym and be her personal trainer. We have built some parts of our relationship around my obsession, and it works for us.

Don't get me wrong, she still rolls her eyes when she sees me flex in the mirror, or when I ask her if I look any different than 5 minutes ago. But she and I realize that there are far, far, far worse addictions than the ones I deal with relating to personal improvement.


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Feb 14, 2011
you'rre a lucky guy someanddone getting that kind of support..

me I got no support at all !

they all think its time waisting and dont see the point of me doing it..

no this is not ooh pitty me kind a thing!

I'me living it ! with or without the support..even negative feedback of those around me can give me strenght and motivate me even more too go harder!



Sep 29, 2010
[Readers Digest Condensed Version]

Its a way of life, of self mastery and creative living- you sculpt your own human form through discipline and knowledge and will propelled by HEART.

Fucks spend more time watching shit on the teevee than we do training and eating mindfully and goal orientedly.

I could go on and on, but you know the reality of what my brother calls 'getting your grow on'.

Being the best you can takes a chunk of life and will payoff, unlike most other folks' obsessions...

Gotta have a bit o' flexibility, cuz you share life- but that doesn't stop the progress.

Gotta sleep to grow, my full day is done- bbl you fellow driven motherfuckers!

We are what we is- you can judge what you is by what you do!