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Bodybuilding on a Budget



Aug 11, 2010
Let’s face it, teens. Unless your parents are loaded, you don’t have a lot of money. Probably you either work for a low wage or get a little money from Mom or Dad. As a result, you may read with hopeless envy about the great gyms, expensive supplements and vast quantities of high-quality foods that older bodybuilders seem to take for granted. It’s true that these things can make progress much faster and easier, but it’s also true that many great physiques were built under impoverished conditions. If you’re wondering how to get the best bodybuilding results out of your limited funds, here are some ideas.

Buy food in quantity - Every part of the country now has membership warehouses like Price Club and Costco. You can buy huge amounts of eggs, milk, chicken breasts, ground beef, rice and pasta at discount prices from these places. Check your local newspaper for supermarket specials on meats. If you keep your eyes open, you can find deals all the time and get plenty of high-quality protein without spending a fortune.

Find a deal on a gym membership - Many hardcore bodybuilding gyms offer discount memberships for students, but don’t overlook the neighborhood YMCA or Boys’ Club of America, many of them have very well-equipped weight rooms. You don’t need all kinds of space-age machines to grow, however. You can build a great physique with nothing but barbells and dumbbells. In fact, bodybuilders who get very strong on exercises like barbell squats, bench presses and deadlifts almost always have more size and thickness than those who fool around with cables and machines all day.

Share magazine subscriptions and books - Can’t afford all the magazines and books you need to keep up with the sport? If you find a friend or two who share your interest, pool your resources. Maybe together you can get all the magazines and won’t miss a thing. Then you can all stay informed.

Make your own supplements - While you probably can’t whip up your own creatine monohydrate, you can certainly make weight-gain or protein shakes. All you need is a blender, milk, eggs, ice cream and fruit or whatever you want to use to flavor your concoction. Use these shakes either to add protein and calories to a meal or to replace a meal when you’re on the run.

Wear normal clothes - Those striped tights, designer sweat shirts and special “bodybuilding” athletic shoes look neat, but do you really need them to pack on muscle? Not at all. As long as you’re comfortable while you train, you’re doing fine. The old-time bodybuilders all trained in generic T-shirts and sweats, and their development didn’t suffer. Training is what really matters.

Choose your gifts carefully - When a gift-receiving occasion like Christmas or your birthday is coming up, let folks know you’d really love to have that gym membership or supplement. That way you might get something you want instead of some new underwear.

These are just a few ideas. Necessity is the mother of invention; so wrack your brain and see what else you can come up with. There are plenty of ways to get big now.


Sep 10, 2010
Very good post as usual! I hope all the teens read this.


Bigger Than MAYO - VIP
Sep 9, 2010
ahhh... the good ol' days... I remember those... when you actually thought the guys in the magazines got big off the weight gainer's and otc supps....

Good read bro... but let me add some to it...

Young men listen up... what he said is on point.... but lets face it... your moms are NOT going to give you your own section in the fridge for buying bulk meats etc... So just request that she help you meet your goals by serving more lean meats... help your mother with dinner prep... that way she will be more apt to go along with you on your mission...And eat two servings of WHATEVER it is she serves you... during your teen years your metabolism is through the roof... so eat need the calories to grow...

Magazines???? Stop reading them! period... they are sales catalogs filled with bullshit hype... YOU ARE NOT going to get huge from animal mass shakes three times a day.... period... those guys have trained for years and yes... they are running Steroids....

Make your own supps??? doubtful... with the salmonella recalls over the past few weeks I URGE you not to make your own shakes with raw eggs... while it is a great idea... and one I used to do... I don't recommend it any longer... with the internet at your fingertips you can find online supplement vendors with relatively low prices... like 5lbs Gaspari Myofusion for $32... you can cut your neighbors yard and get $40... Besides... who's going to clean up that mess after you make that shake?!

like he said wear normal clothes... if you where the bb outfits...chances are you look like a douche...

and yes... choose your gifts accordingly...

My advice... Keep it simple...

Get your supps at an online vendor and buy in bulk... you really only need three things... protein, creatine, and BCAA's with the possibility of glutamine....

Buy the last three in bulk powder form... not caps... you will save a ton...

AND FINALLY... STAY AWAY from STEROIDS! I know it is VERY tempting at your age to THINK they will make you huge over night... THEY WONT... at your age they will seriously fuck you up... period


Sep 15, 2010
Bingo IC!! I have found that with a lot of the younger kids i help that if they include family in the meals they eat they are much more likely to go along with it..
Ya magazines suck... The only one i like is muscle and fitness for her.. Well do i really have to say why?! haha.. Plus occasionally there has been a picture of the fiance in it ;-)..
I would have to say the #1 tip for younger kids on a budget is learn from the older guys before you go out and spend a boatload on stuff you will mess up.. Including gear.. If i would have done this i would be a much richer man today..
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