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Bodybuilding event requires considerable training from ladies



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Aug 11, 2010

Ladies Lucy Fisher, Tara Hungle and Aimee Boothroyd know just how to strut their stuff when it comes to bodybuilding competition time.

All three local women placed in the June 26 Western Naturals held at Joanna Dunn’s Fitness Edge in Nanaimo.

All three matched off in the tall division with Hungle taking top spot, Fisher in fourth and Boothroyd in sixth.

The local ladies lit up the stage in the muscle tone, stage presence and overall appearance competition categories.

Fisher said her experience was “bittersweet since my friend and training partner took first. I was excited for Tara and it was well-deserved. She went through quite a few challenges leading up to the competition.”

For Hungle, this was her first time in the Naturals but she’s definitely not a newbie in the bodybuilding circuit.

“This was my third competition,” she said. “My first one was in April of 2009. I said that I wasn’t going to compete anymore, however Lucy and I decided to do it together just for fun to get in shape for the summer. We trained ourselves and had a blast training together. We train anywhere from five to six days a week.

“It takes a lot of work and dedication to do this, especially with a family.”
Hungle is a mother of two.

“Thank God my family is supportive,” the 32-year-old said. “It is something for myself to focus on and I love it.”

Hungle said she did particularly well with the posing part of the contest.

After taking two weeks off after the Naturals for a vacation, Hungle said she’ll be set to start training full on at the end of August for the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic.

Hungle lives in Shawnigan Lake and does double duty with her own hairdressing business, also at the lake.

For Fisher, every competition allows for more tweaking in future training sessions.
“This was my first time training with someone (Tara),” she said. “I was able to lift heavier and gain more muscle. It’s great to have a friend there to fire you up when need it.”

For Fisher, her training recipe takes structure, discipline, and dedication.

“You get out of it what you put in. Anyone who trains hard for any sport knows this.”
Fisher is also a mother and is challenged with balancing her family and training.

“It is very taxing on relationships, friends, and family,” the 32-year-old Cowichan Bay resident said. “Diet and training are very strict (before a competition).”

Fisher works and trains at Island Fitness. Hungle and Boothroyd train at Island Fitness as well.

The Naturals was a first-time trip for Boothroyd, who came sixth out of the eight competitors.
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