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Bodybuilding and schizophrenia



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Nov 11, 2022
My schizophrenia is as real as real gets. If you deny my post is real then it would be like denying that the sun is there. You could deny that the sun is there but it doesn't make it true.
Pig Vomit

Pig Vomit

VIP Member
Nov 12, 2022
You should take your schizo meds and not worry as much about how your body looks. Schizophrenia & exercise = good, but I would absolutely not add any meds to the mix not approved by your psychiatrist, and that certainly includes AAS.


Nov 25, 2022
I’ve known a couple of schizo effective/schizophrenic people. It can be really hard to gauge where they are at because most hide it pretty well…until there’s a bad episode. Unfortunately, it seems by the time people realize there’s a problem, it’s too late, the damage has been done. There’s nothing with taking head meds man. I don’t think antipsychotics are the only option either.


Nov 30, 2022
Hey There! I am a bodybuilder with schizophrenia and I would like to talk about it. First of all schizophrenia is a wild ride, you never know what to expect. I refuse to take antipsychotic medications because they cause people to gain a tremendous amount of fat. Antipsychotic medications should be called fat gainers and since I'm a bodybuilder the last thing I want to do is gain fat. My looks are what is most important to me. Since my schizophrenia is so severe I get money from the government so I don't have to work. I spend all my time on bodybuilding; either by being at the gym or preparing meals. My goal is to be a super muscular guy that is super lean and then maybe score a date.

Schizophrenics are generally extremely deluded.

Sorry bro, you really won't be getting respect around here with an attitude of "I'm a full-time unemployed bodybuilder therefore I'm awesome."


VIP Member
Dec 2, 2022
The way I see it, you don't need to score a date. How would Tuffy feel about you seeing another girl? I mean, she seems like all the woman you need to me. Ask her to tell you to lift hard, get plenty of sleep, and eat right!


VIP Member
Dec 13, 2022
My sister is schizophrenic to the point the FBI watches her through her TV. She’s been institutionalized on many occasions when she comes off her meds. When she is on them she is fine. But the problem is when she’s seeing things clearly she thinks she’s better and stops the meds. Mental health needs to be the priority. I have clinically diagnosed OCD. Been hospitalized on more than one occasion for it. It took years of meds and therapy to gain control over it. I’m lucky. Not many are. I had very good doctors and more importantly very good therapists.
You can control your weight and take the meds. To say you can’t is a cop out. Sorry. But it is. If you spend all your time training and meal prepping than spend the equal amount of energy figuring out what your macros need to be to take the meds and maintain the look you desire.
We all know you need to keep your head on straight for more than just looking good.
Best of luck to ya.

BTW. My sister went off her meds 2 years ago. She’s among the homeless in Alabama. She’s from New Bedford Massachusetts. She walked there. She’s hiding from the FBI.
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