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Bodybuilding and Copenhagen



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Jun 16, 2020
When I was a kid I tried chewing everything, beachnut, skoal, happy days, redman. I trained and showed horses so i was a cowboy and wanted to do cowboy shit. The first time I'd chew, I was fine except the buzz I always got. The second time, I'd puke my guts out then feed the rest of the pkg to the horses, (it would irritate worms if they had any, lol) It wasn't until I was in the air force in 1979 that a friend from Owensboro, KY that simply said "stop thinking about it pussy"...and from then on I was hooked. I played ball...A LOT...and always had it in my lip, at home, and gradually said screw it and was doing it at work (office job). Before I finally quit, I was a 2 can a day habbit.

I absolutely was 100% addicted to Copenhagen. I quit cold turkey when I got divorced in 2009. My ex was a dental assistant and was always on my ass about it due to all the oral cancer she saw in their practice. Her boss was best friends with a facial plastic surgeon who only worked on people suffering from cancer, failed suicide attempts or getting blown up in military action. Her dentist & his friend worked together rebuilding jaws, teeth and such. After we split I had got hit in the mouth by a one hopper playing ball (men's majors fastpitch, 3rd base). Of course I had a mouth full of Copenhagen...blood & fine tobacco flowing freely, lol. about a month later I had a tiny what looked like a zit between my lower front two teeth. I freaked out that I developed oral cancer from it. Evidently when I got hit with the ball it moved and had the two roots touching and it was just an abscess/infection from it. Antibiotics cleared it up but it scared me enough that I haven't touched it since. Also my gums were so resorbed (more like worn away)as well.

Prior to that I had tried to quit several times but always caved in. Also before that I was not a person that believed in addictions. I just thought people were weak. Its the hardest thing I've ever done and to this day I can sit visiting or in meeting with a certain friend (who is a member but don't want to out him, lol) and inside I am drooling wanting some Copenhagen...fine not that pussy longcut crap, lol.
Also if I make coffee in a pot from grounds, the dang grounds trigger it and I'll start's been 15 dang years since I quit too.

A couple years ago I was talking to an ex gf in Indy. She works for Grinds. They wanted to sponsor me. (nothing special financial wise though). Wanting me posing with cans of their products and sent my probably close to 20 cans...I still have them. I was getting the pics done and she pissed me off so I never sent them the pics, lol. I should open one just to see if it's any good still and give them away. I know I can't even think about "just a pinch between the cheek & gum" lol.

Oh and btw, a can of Copenhagen was only about 4 dips for me too if that.

I had a highschool buddy who's dad would have redman in his cheek, copenhagen in his lip and smoke a cigar all at the same time constantly. :)


Jul 2, 2012
Unfortunately ive chewed skoal since i was about 15… pouches, bandits, longcut always mint… hate wintergreen and its been over way too long… i bought a can the other day and i keep telling myself this is my last can and this has to be… i hate it and can tell its messin with me more and more… i dont throw one in until after 1 pm these days but then dont stop till bedtime and its just a behavior i want to stop… its not cool… and especially since its pouches i have to have gum in at the same damn time… i know weird… but its time to quit…
jipped genes

jipped genes

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Oct 22, 2022
Nicotine pouches starting with 9 mg and working down to 2 mg along with a pinch of baccoff for flavor. I put in a nic pouch in my upper lip and baccoff in my lower lip. Once I was down to the 2 mg pouches I forced myself to just use baccoff. Then stopped that all together.
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