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    Apr 2, 2013
    Just saw this post from BoardAdmin's wife in an email from PHF forum. I used to regular that board years ago when I would still toss some oral PH's in cycles. Thought I would share her post with our community here in case any of you had relations with the board or BoardAdmin. Here is her post.


    This is Mrs. BA (Natalie Barton) and I am devastated to announce that my beloved husband passed away yesterday morning at 8:30am....I will post more or answer more questions as they come in but I wanted to paste my message given to family and friends on facebook here. Also I just wanted to say that BA gave his heart to this forum. He had the time of his life talking to his members and researching so many new compounds for you all. If DASCA had never passed he would have still been here every day being BA and giving the world so many great products to help each one of you reach your goals and be a "bigger" better you. After his sister passed away 2 years ago and then after losing his number one supplier.....he stopped coming around. He didn't have it in his heart to post anything new without having anything new to give to the community. He was just starting to come around and talk about some new innovation when he had that scare last year when he almost died because of low potassium levels. We were focusing on his health and rebuilding and renewing after such a close call when just a few months later the DEA raided us and that is really when things started coming to an end. We have just recently been working with our customers at Purity Solutions to improve relationships tarnish through the recent issues and we started making a plan once again. I blame the US government for their excessive actions against us when we never have been found guilty of any crime the 2 raids before....they came and did this last shit and pushed us too far this time. We already won a big piece of this last farce by forcing them to return our Hummer and 2 Canams....they still claim to be investigating us but we all know the evidence they never had. BA was doing well and working on turning his life and health around and the raid caused us to sit around, stop riding our bicycles 10 miles like we were every day, and we started to drink more from the stresses that were caused. We had follow up appointments with doctors, tests and bloodwork that were never had ALL because we were basically stripped of transportation and our will and image attempted to be drug through the mud and push everything we built to the ground. BA would never go out without a fight though. He was a fighter and wonderful person to the very end. Now it is in my hands to seek restitution and will keep operating our business and forum in honor of his memory. This part of my post is to be post to members, friends and family pasted below:

    I lost my husband, Eddie Barton, (my best friend and soul mate) yesterday morning at 8:30am to sudden onset of pancreatitis. He started getting sick Mother's Day morning and I called 911 later in the evening against his wishes. My daughter and boyfriend went with him to the ER bc I was so physically exhausted and we really thought he was working himself up and would at most need fluids and even get his stomach x-rayed because he was complaining of cramping and pain. At 3:30am the next morning doctors told me he had pancreatitis which requires surgery to remove dead tissue from the organ but that he was too sick to survive the surgery. His vitals declined so suddenly and the only option was to get him on IV medicine and fluids and let his body fight the infection and wait it out to see how he would respond. He wasn't conscious by the time I got to his room in ICU monday morning as they had to put him out to trach him for breathing because he had been hyperventilating since earlier that day. They wouldn't let anyone in his room until I arrived and when Promise and I first walked in to see him on life support he flat lined after only a few min of us walking in the room. We was flat lined for 10 min but they revived him and he stabilized for hours but he flatline again and the second time was 15 min. He wasn't expected to live through the first night but by the Grace of God he held on long enough to be able to have Father John (a priest beloved to me and truly respected by Eddie). He was in so much pain and had tubes all over his body and it didn't even look like him but that wasn't going to stop me from kissing him and petting his face, touching his beautiful muscles, rubbing his body tenderly and holding his hand....I just wanted to crawl in the bed and lay next to him and cuddle but I would never get the chance. We thought he was going to make it Tuesday night and were hopeful and even laughing as we talked about what all we were going to do when he was better. Even his nurses said it was a miracle he made it through the first night alone. He held on long enough to have time for those that loved him most come see him and be with him and I want to thank everyone was with him and I during this time and I especially thank everyone for their loving prayers and all the prayer groups whose prayers reached the gates of Heaven on Eddie's behalf.
    Father John, may he forever be blessed, was able to give him his last rights and absolution and he also baptized and confirmed him all in one beautiful and miraculous ceremony and this was a miraculous gift that I have prayed for since we first were married. For him to receive these sacraments before passing made him brand new like a new born baby no longer with the stain of sin. As he took his final breathe I know he was being held in the loving arms of our Holy Mother as she carried him to our Lord in Heaven for his new eternal life began.
    He was a beautiful man inside and out and I always gave him sweet kisses all over every day showing him my devoted love. I couldn't walk past him or him past me without grabbing him and kissing him it is just how he always made me feel. He never realized his true beauty and how intelligent he really was. I could see him and believed in him and always expressed that he was loved. Nobody ever met anyone like Eddie Barton and everyone that knew him will agree with me that we never will.
    He told me recently that there was no him without me and I said there was no me without him. Eddie saw the light in me and recently with the sweetest smile while I was cooking he said he couldn't wait to see me grow old. I jumped with joy and kissed him and will remember every sweet word he has ever said to me.
    We have been through so much together and I never imaged I would be sitting here without him now. I carry him in my heart always and will never be without my husband within me and by my side...... but I will never get used to or even except the reality that in this mortal life I will never again be able to hold him in my arms, or see his day brightening smile or hear his one of a kind laugh that Promise and I so affectionately love. I love you, I love you, I love you Edward Barton, I love you crying this out with tears falling to the ground.......
    I know Eddie is in Heaven now, this I know to the depth of my core and he was taken because God has more important work for him now. I will spend the rest of my life trying to accept and understand why he had to die this way, why he had to suffer and why take him just when we were starting to relearn how to live. He was my teammate and partner here on earth and with him I felt like I could do anything, be anything. Nobody ever met a couple quite like us.....he was truly my other half.....and half of me died yesterday, half of my heart now gone leaving a big hole in my chest, half of my soul ripped away from me leaving me soul sick with no cure to be found. I sit here feeling lost trying to piece together why this happened so suddenly and after everything we have learned and shared we just talked about how this next chapter of our lives have begun and looking forward to so much that we had left to do and now we weren't going to waste any of it. He became the man I knew he was destined to be and I was so proud that this beautiful man belonged to me. I kissed him all over every day and made sure he knew how much love I have for him and lucky I was to be his wife.
    I just hope to honor him in every way as we come together to celebrate his life. 17 1/2 years I have loved this man and now he is gone. I am devastated, heartbroken, confused and exhausted and don't know how to even breathe without him here at my side. Not everyone is so lucky to find their soul mate and I don't believe that anyone in this life had a love so deep as the love we shared. Eddie Barton was a man of so much "character" and to his loved ones he was a man who went by many personas or names. To me he was my best friend, my dear husband, my partner in life and what a wonderful life together was have shared, my partner in business and what a success every business venture together had become, mate of my soul for the rest of my life, my other half, he was me and he fondly told me that I was also him......he was everything to me!
    To everyone else he was also a son, grandson, father, brother, Uncle, nephew, cousin and friend. He was a mentor and leader and was so happy to help anyone, everyone even if he just met them his spirit and kindness was given, a friend and to every one of Eddie's friends he was the very best and most unique friend.
    He leaves behind two beautiful daughters, my step daughter Layna Gregoire and our daughter Promise Grace. Our niece, Jade Barton may not be technically his daughter but I'm sure she will agree that he is the best dad she has ever had. Promise and Jade, poor babies were there with him every minute in the hospital to the very end. But he is also "dad" to 2 very important teenage boys, Victor Harris and Trace Moore.....he was the dad they never had and also their best husband just told me days before his passing that these boys were his best friends and being their mentor these past months has been the happiest I've seen Eddie in any friendships he has had in our years together. He is brother to Ponce Barton Jr., grandson of Margorie Corcoran and son of Ponce and Laurie Corcoran-Barton. He is beloved Uncle Eddie, loved and respected by each one of his nephews and nieces, Daniel Barton, Devin Barton, Courtney Lynn, Ponce Mason, Trinity, Zack, Stephen, Nicholas Leach, Anna Leach, Caroline Leach, Olivia Leach, Ben Leach, Evelyn and Joshua.
    Please pray for my family as we mourn this most grievous loss! Goodnight Eddie my love....eternal kisses from your devoted and loving wife
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    Yeah I got that email too. Honestly couldn't get through the entire thing. Either way, RIP BA
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    I couldn't either. I'm at work and didn't have time to read all of it. May read what I missed later on. Rest easy BA
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    He was a real good guy from my experiences. He was one of only a few that helped me advertise my forum. He donated 1000$ to lab testing at proM. The original testing that found Phil hernons "folistatin" was bogus.

    He also sent me a huge box of various pre-workout and pro-hormone stuff to try.

    Thanks for the heads up.
    I'll try to reach out and give my condolences.

    Sorry to hear this :(
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    Mar 26, 2012
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    BA was a great guy. He and Patrick Arnold push the limits of the law with creating new drugs or trying old ideas out of the Julius Vida formulas. What a bummer. From what Natalie was saying he was doing better with his highs and lows and getting back into shape. DASCA took a lot of wind out of his sails. Plus losing the PHF store (which I told him I didn't like in the first place) and his sister in the same period.

    The great thing about what he created with the PHF forum was education. He wanted to people to research and no what they were putting into their bodies and how to heal them from the harm that may be coming from our lifestyles. Plus bring Patrick A into the mix helped a lot. Some of us who frequent the forum learned a lot. Even an old juicehead like me.

    BA wasn't infallible and definitely made some wrong business decisions, but his heart was in the right place most of the time. May he rest in peace.
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