Blast And Cruise - Extended Re-read Of These Two Mechanisms

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    1. Introduction


    Well, there was a time that was studying this subject and was in the interest of bringing it to the forefront of TID.

    The first two were related to the training, but since I have already completed my first cycle this year, I have gathered enough information about it and read a lot about the subject of this article. The approach and the bibliography (and videography) used here seeks a somewhat less orthodox and simpler approach, but no less grounded. It is mainly based on the videos and teachings of André Zuccaro (if you do not know who this fella is , I think you should close this page and open Google, boy!).

    As I'm sure the subject is of much interest to the users of the forum (even those who have no interest in anabolic steroids usually read about it, there is a kind of seduction so it is prohibited) I decided to split it into two parts, to make it easy for me. So this week I'm going to write everything about Cruise that I managed to collect and only in 10 or 15 days I bring the part about Blast .

    "Pukê does içu, uau?" You ask, young grasshopper. And I tell you: because this subject is not as simple as it seems. At first it may seem simple (and seductive, again): "cycle all year long and stay #fibradomemo" , but it is not.

    2. Demystifying the steroids, but opening the curtain of truth.

    There is a very good article here in the 2013 forum written by Dudu Haluch (if you also do not know who this fella is , better close the page!) Titled "The Truth About Steroids". The article is short, it's worth reading it all, but it has a special snippet I find very interesting to understand the logic behind the "Blast and Cruise" . Cited:

    Many doctors do not want to admit it, but the limited use of steroids in a year at a cycle of eight weeks would have practically few adverse side effects and would probably greatly improve the individual's health for the rest of the year. It would be interesting to put a group of bodybuilders on a short and light cycle, then monitor the decline in muscle mass over the months after the end of the cycle. These results would not surprise me, but I do not think the anti-steroid cheer would like to hear that steroid gains do last for a long time. (DUCHAINE, Dan apud HALUCH, Dudu).

    I will not go much into the merits, but it is obvious that there is a great crowd against the indiscriminate use of anabolic steroids. And no less! The inconsequential use of these ergogenic resources are capable of destroying the individual's hormonal levels, causing serious problems and, ultimately, death. And this is not an alarmist conversation, it's real. Perhaps the biggest problem for most people in the world of anabolic steroids is not having the size of how serious this is .

    In truth, we are very immediate. We want the results for yesterday. Steroids can provide this, but with a price. It is this price that we often do not put on the scale or we only see later. The famous collaterals. I've done a lot of this and I'm sure a lot of them have done it: reading a steroid profile I only read the benefits it causes and, on the side of collaterals, I skipped or did not read with the same attention of the first part.

    Therefore, this preamble also serves as an alert, we are not talking about a 'magic potion' or 'super soldier's serum' that will give you muscles for nothing. There is a price and the price is your health. Let's continue:

    We are talking about a user who can control adverse effects such as acne, retention, high blood pressure, aromatization, suppression of the hormonal axis, and chooses drugs aware of their toxicity and effect on cholesterol, and whenever possible does follow up with exams. We know that some steroids can improve the immune system, cardiovascular health, strengthening bones, absorption of nutrients by the body, burning fat, increasing muscle mass, etc. (HALUCH, Dudu)

    Speaking of controlling for adverse effects we are talking about collaterals. An intelligent person can weigh this on the scales, the pros and cons in making a decision. Measure the risks. With this article, bringing the knowledge to you I am not speaking "do" or "do not do", I am speaking: "know and decide". Choices, friends, choices.

    3. Blast and Cruise: summary

    Although the expression is American, it is worth noting a free translation of both terms. Blast can be understood as "exploding". It would then be a phase of growth of real "mutation", in the most literal sense of the word. Cruise , in turn, can be understood as "navigate" or "cross". It has an idea of a transition phase or "bridge".

    In this way, the " Blast and Cruise " system is an "explosion and transition" system with the use of different drugs and dosages in a cyclical way in order to keep the body hormone for most of the year. At first it seems to be something of the gods, right? Ledo mistake.

    As you well know (or should have known), the vast majority of synthetic hormones suppress hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis (HPTA) - this being the thermostat for the natural production of your testosterone body. And this suppression - among other factors - generates the side effects. That is, regardless of the doses, the longer you are under the effect of anabolic steroids, the greater the chances of contracting collateral.

    Therefore, for a really well executed "Blast and Cruise", it is essential to pre (before), intra (during or during) and post (after) cycle exams.

    4. Cruise or TRT

    As explained in the previous topic, there are two phases: Blast or "blast" and Cruise or "transition." At this very moment, the 17-year-old little girl should be asking, "Why can not I cycle blast all year long and punch steroids in as long as I take the exams?"

    You want to hit steroids, son of a bitch? Your way to the graveyard is saved! "You shall surely die!" (BLAUZEN, Luke)

    Just kidding, people ... hehe! The issue of not blasting all year long is because no one (or almost anyone) has the financial means to afford high doses of testosterone and other drugs and your body would have so many collateral that you would die. The more drugs and longer, the more collateral and the worse the reversibility. It's a very simple account.

    The continuous use of synthetic hormones alters some rates, as Dudu Haluch explains:

    Rates such as TGO, TGP, bilirubin may be altered if 17 AA drugs (hemogenin, dianabol, oxandrolone, turinabol, halothestin, stanozolol) were used during or at the end of the cycle, so these drugs should be avoided during the Cruise or used carefully, and should be essential to regularize these rates.

    Not to mention TGO, TGP, creatinine, cholesterol (total, HDL, LDL). The cruise or "bridge" serves just to be a window for you to take care of this fee. It would then be the right time for post-cycle exams and to use strategies (especially dietary) to combat altered rates. It would be a "mini-post-blast therapy" being that it is just a time of rest.

    Bodybuilders PRO use their Cruise to be human. They move away from training, take care of health, social life. It may seem strange, but who lives it ends up sacrificing a lot for a body that, at bottom, is not yours. Does this mean that during the cruise , the user runs out of drugs? Do not.

    Normally (I would say, obligatorily) the Cruise is formed only by a drug: testosterone . Therefore, Cruise is also called Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). Ever heard of that name? In MMA, maybe right ?! Well, friends, Cruise is nothing more than a mere replacement of testosterone and regulation of other rates.

    How to do it? (Taken from excerpts from André Zuccaro)

    The higher the frequency of application the lower the aromatization and the more stable the levels of testosterone and estradiol. Infrequent applications are also related to the mental, physical and emotional malaise of the individual.

    The idea is to try to control estrogen with low BF + food + healthy supplementation and, if possible, without the use of Aromatase Inhibitors (AI). The ideal would be applications between 150 and 300mg of testosterone per week divided as many times as possible. This varies from person to person. The idea of Cruise is to leave you as close to the natural and as healthy as possible.

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