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Best shoes with traction for indoor



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May 12, 2023
artificial turf used in pushing a sled. I am pushing 628 pounds on a sled and I really need a better pair of shoes to be able to push more. The shoes I have now are New Balance 608, and they are slipping more with the higher weights.

Need a good traction shoe that can be worn in a gym on regular flooring and the artificial turf too.

genetic freak

genetic freak

VIP Member
Dec 28, 2015
I think a lot of slipping when it comes to pushing the sled comes down to the amount of cushion between your foot and the floor robbing you of torque and not as much on the tread of the shoe. I would look into a minimalist shoe like, Xero or one of the New Balance or Merril versions. If you have wide feet, go with the Xero.
jipped genes

jipped genes

VIP Member
Oct 22, 2022
Just a thought, I wonder if wrestling shoes would do good. The sole is very grippy on slick surfaces and there is very little if any padding on the sole that will deform under load.

Next I might suggest a crossfit shoe. I have a pair I used to workout in. They are heavier duty and more supportive to the top of your foot than a running shoe and grippier. Made without excess padding which effects stability. Also great for squatting and deadlifts.

I have not tried my wrestling shoes during a crossfit wad but would love to. I just don't do crossfit anymore as it get hurt too much. When I do burpees I normally have a pool of sweat under me. The corssfit shoes still grip while running shoes slip sometimes on the rubberized floor of my gym or the canvas of a boxing ring.

We did tire flips and drags with a 500+ lbs tire and my old crossfit shoes were good but we were on concrete, zero slippage. I had an old version of the reebok nano, they were way cheaper than the nike or crossfit brands.
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