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  1. ketsugo

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    Sep 10, 2011
    Hey so leave it to Ketsugo barely heard from in 5 years suddenly asking for hygiene advice lol. Now as you know my life has been a life of walking the path alone - army, education, 40 martial art / combat / fighting and bodybuilding. Every solitary day my entire life . No not a monk, though as child I guess my fantasy to be part Bruce Wayne part qwai chai Caine lol . Therefore maybe subconscious program myself ?? Who knows . So no wife no kids no family ! To be clear - I am happy but I do envy and respect all you family dads etc. I bow down in reverence, tip my hat - I am not man enough or strong enough or smart enough to do what you guys do and freely admit it . My stupid point I got no one to shave my back lol - so mangroomer electric back shaver not bad , back blade not bad if you dont mind cutting the crap out of any moles or pimples looks like you just got tied to the whippin post . So you guys that compete? Or just rather not look like magilla gorilla back or George the animal Steele ?? How or what do you guys do to rid yourself of back rug ?? When you are solo ?? Any tips tricks suggestions are appreciated
  2. PillarofBalance

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    Feb 27, 2011
    Every try a wax? I did it on a dare once. Worst thing I ever did. I had like 6000 in grown hairs or some shit. All turned to white heads. Was itchy as a mother fucker for like 2 weeks. Just a horrible reaction to it.

    Basically the only reason I put up with my wife is so she will shave my back.
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  3. ketsugo

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    Sep 10, 2011
    Lol yeah my gal of ten years used. To do. RIP cancer 2014 so wondering what the single bros do to lose the gorilla look ?
    Mangroomer? On scale 1-10 I rate 6 misses a lot . Bakblade which I find use in shower since you will slice n dice no matter what . Gotta be easier way ?? For us single guys
  4. Mike_RN

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    Aug 13, 2013
    Get a Razorba. I have one that's like 7yrs old and still kicking. It's basically a back scratcher that you can fix a razor to.
  5. Lizard King

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    Sep 9, 2010
    That's what asian women accept money for sir and you get a free back shave thrown in..
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